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What Your Venus Sign Means, According To An Astrologer

Let’s talk about love! Today, we’re covering what your Venus sign means in your birth chart. In Signs Of The Times, Her Campus gets all of the dirty details about the signs directly from astrologers. Today, astrologer Linda Furiate explains what a Venus sign is and what it might explain about the way that you love.

By now, many of us know that astrology goes deeper than just your sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign. While your Mercury sign can tell you how you think and communicate, your Venus sign might just reveal more about the way you love. Swoon!

The way you love, however, goes beyond just your typical “love languages.” Your Venus sign can reveal the way you approach relationships, what you value in relationships, what you may find attractive in a partner, and can even tell you more about the things you find beautiful in the world. By understanding your Venus sign, you may be opening the door to a deeper knowledge of your love life. And who doesn’t want to know more about that?

Her Campus talked to Astrologer Linda Furiate to learn more about Venus signs—what they mean, how to find yours, and what they can tell you about the way that you love.


Like the goddess, Venus is symbolic of love, romance, and beauty. So, your Venus placement can give you a better insight into how you approach these subjects in your everyday life.

“Venus is referred to as the planet of love and may describe our relationships, balance, beauty, and harmony within our lives,” Furiate says. “What we value and attract into our lives may be seen through our Venus sign and house placement, this makes Venus an important planet when practicing the Law of Manifestation and getting what we want.”


Your Venus sign is calculated by identifying your exact time, and place, of birth. There are many tools online that can be used to find your Venus sign, but we recommend using a reliable site like CafeAstrology. Remember: your information has to be exact in order to avoid errors!


Like your sun sign, there are 12 different signs that could possibly be your Venus sign. Each of these signs has extremely different characteristics that can explain more about how you approach love, in all of its forms:

ARIES venus:

Aries placements have a rep for being fiery, impulsive, and passionate. So, it’s no surprise that these traits can apply to one’s love life—especially as an Aries Venus.

“With Venus in Aries, a person may fall head over heels in love quickly only to realize the person is not who they wanted them to be,” Furiate tells Her Campus. “They may be quick-tempered and impatient when a partner demands to get their needs met. Having Venus in Aries a person is full of energy to go the extra mile early in the relationship, only quickly to fade once the novelty and chase have worn off.”

The best way to impress an Aries Venus? Keep things interesting and exciting. The only way to keep a fire alive is to feed it what it wants!

TAURUS venus:

So, you’re a Taurus Venus: well, you’re in luck! Venus actually rules this Earth sign, meaning that the goddess energy is strong in this placement. Physicality, sensuality, and romance are what it takes to satisfy a Taurus Venus!

“Taurus Venus is loving and loyal with a strong desire to do the right thing to please their partner,” says Furiate. “They’re sensuous and oftentimes appreciate the finer things in life. Fulfilling the physical senses is important to this placement!”

Physical touch (consensually!) and gift-giving may be the way into the heart of a Taurus Venus. Get ready for the romance, babe!

GEMINI venus:

Romance looks different to everyone. But for Gemini Venus, romance and love can look more like words and communication, than wine and chocolates.

According to Furiate, “Gemini enjoys stimulating conversation with the desire to connect intellectually with a partner. A great conversation about ‘nothing’ may be just as fulfilling and passionate as a bouquet of red roses.”

However, this placement may be prone to a bit of, um, commitment-phobia. So, if you’re trying to win over a Gemini Venus, you gotta bring your A-game in terms of conversation. “Commitment is not their strong suit unless both parties keep the relationship light-hearted and in constant motion,” Furiate says.

CANCER venus:

Cancer placements are known for their sensitive and romantic nature. This can lead them to have an idyllic and dreamy perception of love. Blame it on the water sign energy!

“Despite their desire to nurture and bond, the Venus in Cancer native can be overly sensitive and tend to become possessive in love,” says Furiate. “They have a strong desire for comfort and security and will often overstay a relationship long past its due date.”

The key to the heart of a Cancer Venus? Comfort and kindness! These placements are givers, oftentimes to a fault, so it’s important to offer them the security and love they deserve.

LEO venus:

Leo placements are kind of the main characters…and maybe a tad dramatic. Their theatrical personalities may come through in their love life with this placement. Hey, at least they know how to keep things interesting.

“Venus in Leo has a flare for the dramatic and the romantic where self-expression in love is second nature,” Furiate explains. “Venus in Leo may be the most loving and romantic of all the signs. As a generous and giving soul, it would be an honor to capture the heart of a Venus in Leo mate.”

But how do you get this placement to fall for you? Make them feel special with lots of attention and passion. Knowing these givers, they’ll definitely return the favor.

VIRGO venus:

Virgo Venus is a notoriously tough placement to have. However, this isn’t a bad thing at all! Having a Virgo Venus just means you have a more careful approach to love—there’s nothing wrong with protecting your heart first.

“A Virgo Venus may tend to be quite discriminating in matters of the heart,” says Furiate. “They have a great BS barometer and have no time for nonsense. For that reason, they can be shy and intimidated by more outwardly oriented sexual advances.”

So, don’t be afraid to take things slow with a Virgo Venus—it might just pay off. “Once smitten, they are blessed with the innate ability to thoroughly satisfy the needs of their partner,” Furiate explains.

LIBRA venus:

Libra is another sign that’s ruled by Venus. So, a Libra Venus may approach and appreciate romance more than other placements.

“This placement invented the idea of love and all the peace and harmony that flows from a long-term relationship,” Furiate tells Her Campus. “Venus in Libra loves to love and be loved—they’re connected to the element of air so there is a strong desire to be social.

However, when you’re falling for a Libra Venus, be cognizant of their social nature…it’s harmless! “It may take a strong partner to recognize that occasional flirtatiousness with another does not mean disloyalty,” Furiate says. So, stay secure and communicative with a Libra Venus partner. You’ll be grateful you did!

SCORPIO venus:

Oh, you Scorpio placements. I fall for your mysterious ways every time. They’re passionate, sensuous, and intense in relationships. And while this is sexy as hell (for…some…people), these traits may lead them to attract partners who want to take advantage of their secretly soft nature.

“Sadly, Venus in Scorpio will often attract a partner who will want to possess and control them, making it hard for others to get below the surface of this tender-hearted and sensitive soul,” Furiate explains. “Venus is Scorpio wants to be loved and respected, not controlled or manipulated.”

Take the time to get to know this mysterious placement, and learn how to respect their boundaries in relationships. Sensuality and respect are the names of the game for a Scorpio Venus.


Sagittarius is a sign that’s always on the go. This not only applies in their everyday life, but also in their relationships as well.

“This placement tends to have more friends than committed relationships,” Furiate says. “They love their freedom to explore the whims of the heart. The ideal for Venus in Sag will be to find a partner who desires a similarly creative and adventurous lifestyle.”

When trying to tie down this adventurous soul, be open to an exciting and spontaneous love life. Who knows? It might just lead to the most passionate ride of your life.


Hardworking, down-to-earth, and no-nonsense, a Capricorn Venus prefers a more serious approach to relationships. To this placement, there’s nothing sexier than commitment. Honestly? A vibe.

According to Furiate, “A Capricorn Venus is a steadfast and loyal companion, allowing them to be a partner who will stand the test of time. Venus in Capricorns seeks to build a solid foundation and future with a strong and responsible partner who will share the same feelings toward commitment and honesty.”

Before wooing a Capricorn Venus, take stock of your own priorities and where you’re at in your love life. If you’re not down for loyalty, commitment, and consistency, chances are that you won’t mesh well with this placement. Don’t let them slip away!


Aquarius placements are categorically free-spirited and fluid. So, it’s no surprise that an Aquarius Venus may apply these traits to their love life.

“Venus in Aquarius is quite open in love with a desire to be unique and to be themselves,” Furiate tells Her Campus. “Stereotypes in love will not do for this detached yet magnetic lover. Venus in Aquarius likes to explore love outside the boundaries of their comfort zone, which may allow them to soar into a region of the mind that will express their full love of humanity.”

Coming from an Aquarius Venus, don’t be intimidated by our unique and go-with-the-flow approach to love. Express your feelings in a unique way—that’s the best way to woo us!

PISCES venus:

Creative and dreamy, Pisces Venus is a placement that, simply put, loves love. Their imaginative minds may lead them to idealize relationships—maybe even to a fault.

“Venus in Pisces is highly imaginative and creative in love,” Furiate tells Her Campus. “They are often attracted to the underdog or to someone who they feel may need ‘fixing’. Venus is Pisces truly understands the meaning of unconditional love, even when love in return may allude them.”

Approach a relationship with a Pisces Venus creatively and romantically. These dreamers may already have their perfect love story with you planned, and it’s up to you to make it come true!

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