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What Your Mercury Sign Means, According To An Astrologer

Let’s get to talkin’! Today, we’re talking about what your Mercury sign means in astrology. In Signs Of The Times, Her Campus gets all of the dirty details about the signs directly from astrologers. Today, astrologer Taryn Leigh Bond explains what exactly a Mercury sign is, and how what it means in terms of your chart.

In life, communication is key. Whether you’re in a romantic relationship, friendship, or in the workplace, communication is one of the most important facets of life. For some, communication can be direct and blunt. But for others, they may find more passive and creative ways to communicate their thoughts, feelings, or ideas—possibly through writing, or in some different kind of manner. But, have you ever wondered why you communicate in the way that you do?

Like most things in your life, astrology might have the answer. Away from your sun and moon sign, your Mercury sign may hold the secrets to your communication style. As the planet of communication and quick transitions, Mercury rules the way you communicate, what you find yourself talking about, and how you interpret the communications of others.

Her Campus talked to Astrologer Taryn Leigh Bond to learn more about what a Mercury sign is, how to find yours, and WTF yours means.

What is a mercury sign?

According to Bond, Mercury is all things to do with communication. From news to contracts, your Mercury sign appeals to information and intellect.

“In your birth chart, Mercury is your mind: It shows how you think, speak, write ~ basically, how you interpret AND express meaning,” Bond says. It is the filtering system between your internal message and the external world. Your Mercury sign and house can show us how you speak (soft, blunt, quick, longwinded) and what you tend to find yourself talking and thinking about.”


Your Mercury sign is calculated by identifying your exact time of birth. There are many tools online that can be used to find your Mercury sign, but we recommend using a reliable site like CafeAstrology. Remember: your information has to be exact in order to avoid errors!


Like your sun sign, there are 12 different signs that could possibly be your Mercury sign. Each of these signs has extremely different characteristics that can explain more about how and what you tend to communicate:


If your Mercury is in Aries, you may be the fast-talking, fast-thinking type. Mix that in with some fire sign energy, and you have all the makings of an Aries Mercury.

“If your Mercury is in Aries, your mind moves at the speed of light. And depending on the person and the rest of the birth chart, sometimes your mouth does too,” Bond tells Her Campus. “Aries Mercury are quickly processing everything around them at any given time. For this reason, they have a hard time lying: they’re simply not the ones to plan ahead enough to ever uphold a lie! They’re passionate, engaging speakers, with a knack for motivating and inspiring others. Honest and straightforward: sometimes to a fault.”


“If your Mercury is in Taurus, you’re methodical, careful, and calculated,” Bond says. “Taurus Mercuries are typically known to be thoughtful and considerate of alternative ideas/perspectives.”

Your Taurus Mercury may also reveal a lot about the actual way you speak, as well. “They often speak slowly and are generally not the ones to say something unless it’s really what they mean. For this reason, they may tend to be more reserved and quiet. But this is their strength because people tend to trust what they have to say, and listen when Taurus Mercury does decide to speak up,” says Bond.


Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is the sign of communication. So, if your Mercury is in Gemini, you may find socializing to be a strong suit in your life.

“They love listening to new perspectives in order to stimulate their mind and expand their ever-evolving worldview. They often love to talk and communicate information and ideas that they have,” Bond says. “Visionary, excitable, and engaging speakers. It can be helpful for this placement to slow down sometimes, and practice active listening: there can be a tendency for their minds to be 10 steps ahead of them at all times. Gemini Mercury people thrive in careers that require in-the-moment adaptation, communication, and an ability to think of their feet. “


Cancer suns are known for their soft and gentle nature. And when it comes to a Cancer Mercury, those traits are sure to apply to their communication style.

According to Bond, “You ‘think in feelings.’ That might be a little overly literal, but Cancer Mercury typically does process information in a very poetic way. They often have an incredible memory, and hold onto the words and feelings associated with the people around them. They can seem extra sensitive, but in reality, they just have a tendency to retreat sometimes. Like a crab moves sideways, sometimes Cancer Mercury can tend to talk in a roundabout way, or stay quiet about the things that bother them. Journaling can be a wonderful tool for those with Mercury in Cancer!”


Bold and confident, Leo placements carry their fierce energy with them no matter what planet they find themselves within.

“If your Mercury is in Leo, you tend to speak in a floral, poetic way. Think of the romantic style of poetry. Leo Mercury tends to be very confident in their perspectives, sometimes to a fault,” Bond says. “With their mind in a fixed sign, rigidity of personal truths can end up being restrictive if Leo Mercury isn’t careful. They often make wonderful songwriters, public speakers, or presenters.”


If your Mercury is in Virgo, consider it a win! Mercury also rules this Earth sign, which means that Virgo Mercuries may find communication easier than others.

“If your Mercury is in Virgo, you think and speak in an analytical way,” Bond says. “The mind of a Virgo Mercury knows how to read the data, form connections, and distill it down to what is important and meaningful like no other. They often make great mathematicians and accountants, and can really thrive in any profession that requires a sharp, quick mind with unwavering attention to detail.”


“If your Mercury is in Libra, you communicate in a diplomatic way. Mercury in Libra is always trying to balance the scales by discovering common ground between seemingly opposing perspectives,” Bond says.

The scales that represent Libra may also tip in their favor when it comes to career. According to Bond, “they make great lawyers and strategists because they can process complex perspectives and explain them in a considerate, blunt, and often persuasive, way.”


“If your Mercury is in Scorpio, you’re always looking for the truth; the true essence of something,” Bond tells Her Campus. “The mind of Scorpio Mercury is always on the lookout for what’s not obvious, what’s hidden below the surface.”

With their intuitive nature, Scorpio placements are always itching to get to the bottom of something. “Like a detective, they often have a strong aptitude for discovering hidden meanings or discerning underlying intentions, and are known for psychoanalyzing almost everything – including themselves! Although they are always on the hunt for truth, Scorpio is an inherently private, often secretive sign. They want to understand, but it may be challenging to fully know them, or the inner workings of their mind. Still, they have a sharp, powerful, engaging way of speaking that can often easily command the attention of a room,” Bond says.


“If your Mercury is in Sagittarius, your mind functions through the lens of intuition and higher wisdom. Mercury in Sagittarius are often the people who ‘just know things’ and are prone to spending time thinking about the abstract, bigger-picture perspective of life. Sagittarius Mercuries can sometimes struggle to discern the difference between subjective and objective truths. It can be helpful for them to recognize that others may not have the same instinctive sense of ‘true’ and ‘false,’ “right” and ‘wrong.’ They can be incredibly poetic with their speech and are known for a vibrant, if sometimes long-winded, way of speaking,” Bond tells Her Campus.


Capricorn placements are known for their realistic and dedicated nature. And when it comes to Capricorn Mercuries, they’re no different.

“They’re not ones to exaggerate a subject to make it sound better than it actually is. If anything, their straightforwardness can feel startling to someone who is not used to a nonperformative, say-it-like-it-is, attitude,” Bond says. “They’re typically very honest, and if you need someone to tell you how it really is and not spare your feelings, Capricorn Mercury will do it for you – but not unless you ask. They’re respectful, motivating, and to-the-point.”


According to Bond, “People with Mercury in Aquarius have a touch of genius to them. Often, it’s more than a touch. Aquarius is the sign of the inventor, the scientist who makes a discovery that forever changes the world and the way humans interact. Mercury in Aquarius has a unique ability to zoom out and view things from a distance, almost like a satellite can view Earth – and see the bigger picture – while those of us living here only see our surrounding environment. They’re great at understanding, and often explaining, complex topics, but might tend towards the quiet side. If they don’t have something important to say, they’ll more than likely just keep quiet. But their mind is always moving, putting together a puzzle or contemplating how to solve global issues.”


Finally, the dreamy and creative Pisces is sure to approach communication in a more creative way when it’s in Mercury.

“Your mind works in an abstract way. These are people who see life in a way that isn’t bound to practicalities, structures, and timelines. For this reason, Pisces Mercury is often blessed with an incredible presence, an ability to fully engage in the experience of the moment in a way that transcends their own experience (a quality which often leads to great creative talents and abilities),” Bond says.

“On the flip side, they can quite often appear to be in their own little world to the outsider. Mercury in Pisces can have a hard time expressing with words what the mind, filtered through the lens of the last sign of the zodiac, perceives. Their mind works in mysterious, yet exquisite, ways. Patience is medicine for Mercury in Pisces people; they’ll find words eventually, and they will likely be quite touching.”

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