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What Your Moon Sign Means, According To An Astrologer

Ready to dive a little deeper into your chart? Today, we’re talking about what your moon sign means in astrology. In Signs Of The Times, Her Campus gets all of the dirty details about the signs directly from astrologers. Today, astrologer Linda Furiate explains what exactly a moon sign is, and how you can interpret your own.

Have you ever felt a disconnect from your zodiac sign? Some traits of your sign feel like they fit, but others just seem so far off that it makes you doubt astrology completely—it’s common, believe me. But what if I told you that there’s more to astrology than just your sun sign (a.k.a your zodiac sign) and that there are so many other aspects of your natal chart that might resonate more with you?

That’s right, prepare to get your mind blown.

Today in Signs Of The Times, I’ve teamed up with one of Her Campus’ favorite astrologers, Linda Furiate, to learn more about one of the most important aspects of Western astrology: your moon sign. From what a “moon sign” is, to how to find it in your birth chart, to what it may mean to you, here’s everything you need to know about your moon sign.

So, What is a moon sign?

Astrology can be a little confusing. With so many planets, placements, and fancy jargon, taking the plunge into astro education may be a little overwhelming. Luckily, Furiate is here to start us off slow and simplify the complex nature of a moon sign.

“In astrology, the Moon is feminine in nature and represents our feelings and emotions,” Furiate says. “The Moon is associated with the mother and will often show how we perceive the nurturing given or expressed in childhood. It acts as a protector and can be related to ‘gut’ feelings. The Moon typically represents habits, memories, and unconscious patterning.”

Think of your sun sign as the core of your personality, and your moon sign is what’s below the surface: your needs, your emotions, how you process them, and why.

But, How Do I Find My Moon Sign?

Your moon sign is calculated by identifying your exact time of birth. There are many tools online that can be used to find your moon sign, but we recommend using a reliable site like CafeAstrology. Remember: your information has to be exact in order to avoid errors!

Sounds good. What DOes Mine Mean?

Like your sun sign, there are 12 different signs that could possibly be your moon sign. Each of these signs has extremely different characteristics that can explain more about your inner self. Who knows? Maybe finding out more on your moon sign can explain some of those disconnects to your horoscopes and other astrology content.

Aries moon:

According to Furiate, those with an Aries moon placement can tend to be independent, direct, and spontaneous. However, the fiery nature of Aries can cause this placement to be a bit restless when it comes to emotions. Same, Aries moons, same.

“They prefer to take the lead and may often be impatient with others,” Furiate says. “Aries moons are persuasive with a knack to guide others into getting what they want.”

Taurus mOon:

Like their sun sign, Taurus moons have a tendency to be stubborn. However, this placement’s stubbornness is rooted in a need to protect themselves…honestly, explains a lot.

“Taurus moons are trustworthy, loyal, and affectionate,” Furiate tells Her Campus. “They have a grand desire for material comfort and may spend much time (and money) on pampering themselves and others. Taurus moons can be stubborn as a way to protect the comfort and safety of stability.”

Gemini moon:

“Gemini Moons are restless with a strong desire for movement,” Furiate says. “They are inquisitive, talkative, and swift to change their thoughts and behavior.”

Due to their communicative nature, Gemini moons are great at letting you know how they feel…until something else comes along. “They are quick to let you know how they feel, only to change when something new garners their attention,” according to Furiate.

CanCer Moon:

Cancer suns are typically described as being emotional and empathetic. The same goes for a Cancer moon, only amplified. And we love ’em for it.

“Cancer moons are sensitive and receptive. This is the moon sign that feels deeply with an innate ability to hold onto emotional impressions,” Furiate tells her Campus. “They long for the past and are prone to maintain strong family connections. They may be moody and easily hurt when surrounded by stronger personalities.”

Leo Moon:

Furiate says that Leo moons are “natural performers” who are “easily able to step in when called upon.” However, a Leo moon may have a tendency to shield their emotions a bit more than other moon signs.

“They are affectionate and outgoing with a strong desire to have fun and be playful,” according to Furiate. “Leo moons feel with their heart and must shield themselves from those who are unable to appreciate the kindness and love this moon sign longs to share.” Open your heart to us, Leo moons!

Virgo Moon:

“Virgo moons love to figure things out for themselves,” Furiate tells Her Campus. “They analyze and approach every situation with logic and reason.”

Grounded and pragmatic, Virgo moons have a knack for the analytical—especially when it comes to people. “They tend to be discriminative and are easily able to understand the reasoning and motives of another’s behavior, often preventing them from being misled.”

Libra Moon:

For our balanced and romantic Libra moons, their placement may have some insight into their past joys. Memories tied to beauty and art might bring peace to their current well-being. Do I sense a new hobby coming up, Libra moons?

“Libra moons are social in nature and refined in behavior,” Furiate says. “They seek balance within their environment and may shy away from harsh personalities.”

Scorpio moon:

Some people just have an air of mystery about them, and a Scorpio moon placement might just explain that.

“Scorpio moons are intense with a strong desire to make an impact and impression upon the emotions of others,” according to Furiate. “Often suspicious and quick to judge, this moon longs for the mysterious while probing the depths of every situation. Their intuition is their guiding force.”

Sagittarius Moon:

Adventurous and spontaneous, Sagittarius moons have a knack for escapades. However, this moon sign can explain why a person may love to escape. And it might just check out.

According to Furiate: “Sagittarius Moons long for adventure and to explore the reasoning behind the philosophical nature of others. This is a restless moon who must constantly be traveling about and learning how to succeed. Sag moons have very little time for sadness or regret.”

Capricorn Moon:

Capricorn placements are known for their hardworking personalities. But with a Capricorn moon, this placement may provide the reason behind someone’s reserved, workaholic persona.

“Capricorn moons thrive on challenges and are excellent at planning and plotting their future success. They are disciplined and determined to get what they want, while often avoiding their feelings in fear of appearing weak,” Furiate tells Her Campus.

Aquarius Moon:

Ever wonder why someone can come off as quirky or unique? The Aquarius moon is a placement of creativity, but those with this sign may have a tendency to appear disinterested if their interests aren’t aligned.

“They are highly intelligent and dismiss those who are unable to level up to their vast reserve of knowledge,” Furiate explains. “With their independent nature, Aquarian moons are hard to get close to unless they are engaged in stimulating conversation.”

Pisces Moon:

In true water sign fashion, Pisces placements have a tendency to be emotional. And a Pisces moon is no exception.

Furiate tells Her Campus: “Pisces moons are sensitive, compassionate, and creative in nature. Pisces moons are quick to help save others from themselves and are often disappointed when people are unable to live up to their vision of reality. Their image of an idyllic world runs deep.” Feel away, Pisces moons!

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