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These Signs Are Most Likely To Be The Main Character This Summer

It’s your time to shine! Today, we’re talking about the zodiac signs most likely to be the main character this summer. In Signs Of The Times, Her Campus gets all of the dirty details about the signs directly from astrologers. Today, astrologer Linda Furiate shares which three signs are most likely to be the center of attention all summer long.

The air is getting hotter and the days are getting longer, which can only mean one thing: summer time is right around the corner, baby! So, roll the windows down in your car, crank your music up to maximum, and get ready to live your best life over the next couple of months, because you’re the main character this season.

Whether you’re planning your next adventure, working on a summer wellness glow-up, or looking forward to putting yourself first for a change, summer is the ideal time for growth. Regardless of your summer plans, these next few months have major “I’m in a movie” potential, and these signs might just be the main characters.

Ready for the summer of you? Keeping reading to see which three zodiac signs are most likely to have main character energy this summer:


It’s no surprise that the action-packed, Mars-ruled sign has the potential to be the main character this summer. Their fiery energy and eagerness for adventure are the very things that will be placing them into the spotlight these next couple of months.

“Aries loves to initiate action that will place them ahead of the pack,” Furiate tells Her Campus. “Being the first sign of the zodiac Aries was born to lead and take on a main role to influence the competition.” With their ability to draw the eyes and initiate excitement, all eyes will be on Aries this summer. We’ll be living vicariously through y’all!


Are you shocked? If there’s any sign that thrives in the spotlight, it’s the sun-ruled, charismatic Leo. And this summer, Leos will not only be soaking up the summer rays, but also all of the main-character energy this season has to offer.

“All the world is a stage for Leo and there is no better position for them to be front and center,” says Furiate. “Leo can easily light up a room or stage. Leo is the queen of holding the attention of its audience.” Whether they’re embarking on a new adventure, or having a romantic and thrilling summer fling, we can count on a Leo to have an action-packed summer. And we can’t wait to hear all about it.


While Capricorns tend to come across as more straight-edge and serious, this summer might just be the time for them to let their hair down. And that in and of itself makes this Earth sign ooze main-character energy.

As Furiate says, “Capricorn is a born leader with a strong presence to command an audience.” While they may not be as inclined to thrive in the spotlight as much as Leo or Aries, Capricorn may find themselves in situations that place them into the center of attention. Start taking life less seriously, and get ready for the best summer of your life, Caps!

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