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College Students: These Are The Best Sex Toys On The Market

Remember Midnights day? Well, Nov. 4 is National Sex Toy Day, which is kind of like my Midnights day. An entire day dedicated to pleasure and discounted vibrators? Sign me up.

While National Sex Toy Day — like National Orgasm Day — is only once a year, giving yourself the gift of pleasure should be a regular occurrence. However, what better excuse than today to treat yourself to a brand-new sex toy? Let’s be honest: that dinky bullet vibrator you’ve had for the past year or two, isn’t going to cut it anymore.

In honor of National Sex Toy Day, I’ve compiled 40 of the best sex toys for college students. Whether you’re a freak in the sheets or new to the sex toy world, these options are accessible, affordable, beginner-friendly, and sure to deliver fantastic results… if you know what I mean.

The Perfect Match Flexible Rabbit Vibrator
image 4

A rabbit vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys on the market: it delivers stimulation both internally and externally. Unlike your ex, this rabbit from Sweet Vibes (Sweet Vibes, $55) can actually find, and stimulate, your clit. I’m all in.

MYKISSEX Vibrator Wand
image 5

Wand vibrators are like the cooler, stronger older sister to the bullet vibe. This one from MYKISSEX (Amazon, $10) is perfect for external stimulation. Bonus points if you use it with a partner.

Umania Bullet Vibrator
image 6

This was my first tried and true vibrator for a reason. This ‘lil babe from Umania (Amazon, $13) packs a punch and can be used to stimulate your clitoris, g-spot, and nipples. To name a few.

allovü Rosebud Stimulator
image 7

There’s a reason that the Rosebud Stimulator (Amazon, $40) is always sold out. Hint: it’s just that good.

CalExotics Colt Anal Trainer Kit
image 34

If you’re new to anal play, this trainer set (PinkCherry, $21) is perfect to ease you into it. Not only does it come with three sizes, but it also comes with a water-based lube — so you can be more comfortable. Score!

Lovehoney Perfect Pair Silicone Nipple Suckers
image 8

Masturbation goes beyond your nether regions, babe! These nipple suckers (Lovehoney,$13) are perfect to use in tandem with other forms of stimulation — clitorally, vaginally, anally, you get it.

Romp Pleasure 3 Piece Sex Toy Kit
image 9

This Romp kit (Lovehoney, $60) gets you three amazing toys — a wand, a clitoral stimulator, and a tension ring. (Or, as they kids say, c*ck ring) A steal, if you ask me.

ROMP Shine Clitoral Suction Stimulator
image 10

Or, you could just buy my favorite stimulator (Lovehoney, $35) out of the three. Did I mention it’s 30% off?

Lovehoney Daydream Clitoral Vibrator
image 11

This clitoral vibrator (Lovehoney, $25) is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Plus, it’s on sale.

Lovehoney Jewelled Metal Medium Butt Plug 3 Inch
image 12

This butt plug (Lovehoney, $15) is so cute.

Kissed, Clitoral Stimulator
image 13
Sweet Vibes

The Kissed Clitoral Stimulator (Sweet Vibes, $36) has two forms of stimulation: licking and sucking.

Vibrating Tension Ring
Screen Shot 2022 11 04 at 12.45.07 PM

This tension ring (Amazon, $29) is perfect for partner play if your partner has a penis. Not only does this tension ring pleasure them, but it has a built-in clitoral stimulator. Absolute double-trouble.

Lovehoney Vibrating Butt Plug
image 35

If you want to start exploring anal play more, this vibrating butt plug (Lovehoney, $27) is perfect for beginners. It’s small, slim, and discreet, but still packs a major punch. One user even wrote, “Amazing entry into the world of anal play and pleasure – looking forward to more!”

Charmed Wand Massager
image 14
Sweet Vibes

A classic wand (Sweet Vibes, $55) with a twist.

PinkCherry Ears To You! Silicone Vibe
image 15

This vibe from PinkCherry (PinkCherry, $15) is a fun twist on the rabbit vibrator: perfect for on-the-go clitoral stimulation.

Satisfyer Sweet Treat Spinnator In Pink
image 16

A clitoral stimulator (PinkCherry, $35) that looks like a sweet treat? I’m sold.

maude drop Massager
image 17

This maude massager (maude, $50) is chic and discreet. Obsessed.

Satisfyer 1
image 18

The Satisfyer 1 (Bellesa, $49) is one of the best toys on the market for a reason. One user even wrote, “I thought the whole eye rolling in the back of your head thing was a cliché thing that didn’t actually happen. 100% happened to me using this. Wow. Honestly life changing”. Yup, adding to cart.

Satisfyer One Night Stand
image 19

If you want to go the disposable sex toy route, the One Night Stand (Bellesa, $20) is perfect if you want a 90-minute trial before committing to the Satisfyer.

X-Gen Mini Massager In Pink
image 20

How could you not want this X-Gen wand? (PinkCherry, $11) It has sparkles!

TuLips Mini Vibrator
image 24

This mini clitoral stimulator (Sweet Vibes, $50) packs a punch. Trust me.

Lipstick Bullet Vibrator
image 21

This lipstick vibrator (Amazon, $18) gets major points for discretion.

AL’OFA Remote G Spot Vibrator
image 22

This remote-control vibe (Amazon, $30) is perfect to use alone or with a partner. Along with a five-star rating, one user wrote that it was “worth every penny”.

Pixie Clitoral Stimulator
image 25

With the devil horn shape, the Pixie (Sweet Vibes, $45) is perfect if you’re feeling naughty.

Wearable Vibrator
image 23

A wearable vibrator (Amazon, $33) is perfect for a spicy date night. Wear this while you’re out, give your partner the remote control, and prepare for a wild ride.

The Waterslyde
image 26

The Waterslyde (Loveability, $35) went viral on TikTok for a reason. After one reviewer bought it for their partner, they said, “[My partner] said she loved it, I could really tell how happy she was when she came out of the bathroom.” Can confirm, as someone who owns it, it’s really that good.

Puff Suction Toy
image 30
Unbound Babes

The Puff (Unbound Babes, $48) delivers amazing stimulation and comes in adorable colors? What more could you ask for?

maude anal plug
image 28

This anal plug from maude (maude, $30) is so aesthetically pleasing, you can’t really tell if it’s a sex toy at all. One reviewer wrote, “I never knew a butt plug could be so adorable”, and I wholeheartedly agree.

plusOne Vibrating Ring
image 29

This vibrating ring (Amazon, $24) is perfect for solo or coupled use. With a five-star review, one buyer commented, ” A total win-win in the bedroom. Wow. Now I’m not sure that I’ll want to hop in the sack without this little thing handy/nearby”. BRB, going to add to my cart.

Tracey Cox Strap-On Kit
image 36

If you and your partner are interested in using a strap-on, look no further than this kit (Lovehoney, $70) from Lovehoney. Perfect for beginners, this four-piece set includes two dildos, a bullet vibe, an adjustable harness, and three tension rings of various sizes.

Gemini Glass Dildo
image 31
unbound babes

This glass dildo (Unbound Babes, $35) is not only easy to clean, but named after one of my favorite zodiac signs. Use vaginally or anally, the choice is yours.

Bender Vibrator
image 32
Unbound Babes

If you put perfume on your ankles, or if you’re flexible, this internal bendable vibrator (Unbound Babes, $71) is for you. IYKYK.

Bijoux Indiscrets Horoscope Pleasure Ritual
image 33
Bijoux Indiscrets

This pleasure kit (Bijoux Indiscrets, $40) comes with a crystal necklace, clitoral balm, and a bullet vibrator. Oh, and you can get it customized to your zodiac sign, too.

plusOne Vibrating Bullet
image 37

This vibrator bullet (Amazon, $11) is a classic. It’s quiet, easy to travel with, and (according to one user), “works so good I literally forgot about everything else”.

Vibrating Tension Ring Set
image 38

This tension ring set (Amazon, $14) is perfect to use with your partner. Double pleasure, bestie.

SVAKOM Stimulator
image 39

This stimulator (Amazon, $40) comes with interchangeable heads to stimulate internally, clitorally, anally, and on your nipples. Or, really, anywhere you’re sensitive. One customer went so far as to write, “This is the toy of my dreams” — and I can’t argue with that.

Mini Bullet Wand
image 40

Imagine if a bullet vibrator and a wand had a baby. It would definitely be this sex toy. (Amazon, $13)

ColorPop LingO Vibrating Tongue Ring
image 41

This disposable sex toy (Babeland, $12) fits perfectly on your (or your partner’s) tongue to deliver mind-blowing oral sex. It comes with 40 minutes of battery life, but I doubt you’ll last much longer.

Iroha Mini Sora
image 42

Is it just me, or is the Iroha Mini (Babeland, $32) really aesthetically pleasing? This clitoral stimulator definitely is more than a pretty face — it’s powerful, discreet, and capable of bringing you to climax.

Girl’s Best Friend 2-in-1 Clitoral Suction & G-spot Massager
image 27

The Girl’s Best Friend (Sweet Vibes, $55) is my all-time favorite sex toy for solo use. Just sayin’.

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