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10 Disposable Sex Toys To Experiment With ASAP

We’re in college now, it’s about time that you buy yourself a vibrator. However, the world of sex toys can be a bit intimidating — there’s just so much to choose from. Whether you’re looking to experiment by yourself or with a partner(s), these disposable sex toys are perfect for exploring. Many of us are living on the college budget and may not have the funds to dish out $40+ dollars for a fancy rechargeable vibrator or flashy couples toy that we may not even enjoy.

These brands are here to help you try new toys and see if you’re into taking the next step and investing in a sturdy, rechargeable option. Plus, it helps that single-use and temp toys help with staying sanitary during hookups. Check out our favorite options below!

1. The iroha petit Stimulator

The iroha petit is not your typical toy. This small, jelly-like device is 98% water and made for experiencing new sensations manually, sans any vibrations or air pulses. It has the ability to be heated in water and refrigerated for cooling or warming effects on the body. Use this to create tingles *everywhere*.

Early2Bed, $8


Screaming O is the destination for sanitary, disposable toys. One of their popular choices is the FingO Tips. This mini vibe fits right on your fingertip and comes in three funky color options. This is ideal for foreplay with a partner(s) or enjoying time alone. Plus, it’s small enough to pack on the go and not scare any TSA people.

ScreamingO, $9


Have you ever been curious about air pulse clitoral stimulation toys, but don’t know if it’s worth the big bucks for your needs? The Womanizer The One: 30 Minutes Of Pleasure lets you test out new air sensations for half an hour. This disposable toy can inform you if you are ready to upgrade to the Womanizer Premium.

PinkCherry, $5

4. LiNGO

The LingO is a disposable toy that is set to enhance your next session of oral. Tongue rings may not be the first toy on the brain for partner play, but this Screaming O original is perfect for vulva and penile stimulation. After you’re through, you can easily toss it. And perhaps… open another one tomorrow.

ScreamingO, $10

5. Satisfyer One Night Stand

Similar to the Womanizer, the Satisfyer One Night Stand introduces users to air pulse clitoral stimulation without the major monetary commitment. This disposable sex toy lasts 90 minutes and has 4 intensity levels. If you love these sensations, you can upgrade to a version of the Satisfyer Pro, one of which is connected to an app.

Satisfyer, $8

6. Neon Rabbit Ring

Play with a partner(s) in a whole new way with the Neon Rabbit Ring. The mini vibrator on the ring enhances pleasure for penises and vulvas in tandem. The mini vibe lasts for 40 minutes and is waterproof. After the battery dies, you can reload the ring with a small bullet vibrator or toss the toy in its entirety.

Pipedream, $12

7. Gaia ECO Bullet

Blush wants you to toss their vibrator! Their Gaia Eco-Friendly vibes vibes require one AAA battery and can be used for a while. Once you are ready to upgrade, don’t feel bad about throwing it away. The plant-based “Biofeel” material is made to be recycled or composted. This vibe may be tiny, but it sure is mighty and is the best choice for the sustainably-minded.

Blush, $11

8. Satisfyer Egg

This one-time-use masturbation egg is perfect for pleasing yours or your partner’s penis. They are perfect for travel and do not require lube. They can feel the absolute best with just a bit of water.

Satisfyer, $6

9. Oralove Mini Vibe – Purple Finger Friend

This little vibe fits right over your finger and is ideal for internal and external stimulation.The Oralove mini vibe is set to last for 30 minutes and is not recommended for use in water. You will surely enjoy the fun textures while you get it on.

Doc Johnson, $10

10. Two-O

You can place this Two-O, double vibe ring on a penis or a non-vibrating sex toy to enhance partner(s) play. Intended for dual stimulation, all parties are sure to be pleased with the ring disposable sex toy. If you and your partner love this toy, you can upgrade to a rechargeable couple’s ring.

ScreamingO, $14

Whether you’re with your partner or ridin’ solo, enjoy experimenting with these disposable sex toys. Oh, and thank me later.

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