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This Is The Best Sex Position To Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign

I’m gonna play myth-buster real quick: no, size doesn’t matter. One of the many keys to having great sex really has nothing to do with size — IMO, it’s all about finding positions that feel good for both you and your partner. And while you can flip through all 1,000,000 pages of The Kama Sutra, you can save yourself the sexual energy and look to the stars for your perfect sex position. Trust me, with some of these positions, you’re gonna need it.

Whether you are a skeptic of the stars or a devout astrology believer, you can’t deny the influence that astrology has on our everyday lives. We love reading about our monthly horoscopes, we blame our ex appearing in our DMs on the Mercury retrograde, and we even look to the stars to see if we’re getting any action this weekend. (BTW: Scorpios, you will be.) It doesn’t really matter if you believe it or not: astrology is fun. Sex is fun. Why not meld the two together, shall we?

The next time you’re headed to the bedroom (or like, the kitchen counter. I don’t judge), consider consulting the cosmos for your new go-to position. Keep in mind, these are penetrative sex positions: so grab your strap-on, sex toy, or well-equipped partner. The sex will be so good, you might just be seeing stars. Power to you, Universe.

Mahrael Boutros / pexels

ARIES: Reverse Cowgirl. 

As the first sign of the zodiac, think of Aries as that cool, rebellious girl at the mall that you always wanted to be like. (You know, the one with the tongue ring and too much eyeliner?) So, it only makes sense to have this straightforward fire sign in control, and on top with reverse cowgirl. And because of this sign’s baddie nature, facing away from their partner allows them to feel connected, yet independent.

TAURUS: The Lotus.

Ruled by Venus, this Earth sign is all about sensuality — but they’re not afraid to get a little dirty. To do the lotus position, have your partner sit with their legs crossed. Then, all you have to do is get into that same position but sit on their lap. With your legs around their waist, this position allows for a lot of intimacy, which Taurus loves in the bedroom.

GEMINI: Standing, With your partner behind you.

Gemini loves to keep things interesting. Due to their bubbly nature, this sign is constantly moving around. Because of this, standing sex is a great option for this air sign. With your partner behind you, you’ll be able to move, bend, and contort into a variety of positions that will stimulate your curious mind: bent over, standing spoon, standing doggy… the choice is yours.

CANCER: Spooning.

Cancer is an affectionate and sensitive sign, but they also have a naughty side. For this reason, I recommend the spooning sex position: laying down on your side, with your partner behind you, allows you to have that feeling of comfort, while also experiencing deep penetration. Plus, Cancer rules the chest — and this position gives your partner easy access to those erogenous areas.

LEO: On Top with a vibrator

Did you expect anything else? The confident and in-charge Leo loves to be at the center of it all — so it only makes sense for them to be on top. These powerful babes have a definite dominant side, and this position allows them to really look their partner in the eyes, and let them know whos in charge. Plus, in tandem with a vibrator, this position is total body worship — which Leo loves.

VIRGO: The Bridge.

Virgo is a big fan of practicality, but they’re also known to let their hair down and get a little wild from time to time. To do the bridge, lay on your back with your hips lifted. Your partner will face you and enter, on their knees, for a position that feels great for both parties. Since Virgo is always sticking to a schedule, this position gets the job done… and done well.

LIBRA: Missionary.

Before you riot! Missionary is underrated. I said it. And no, it’s not boring. Libra is known for being a flirtatious and romantic sign, so getting personal with their partner is perfect for them. You can even spice up this position by adding some dirty talk, or maybe even a toy. Don’t knock it ’till you really try it.

SCORPIO: Legs-on-shoulders.

Scorpio loves to give off a tough, mysterious vibe. However, they’re probably one of the biggest — and most passionate — lovers in the zodiac. This position is a lot like missionary (with your partner on top), but instead of keeping your feet on the bed (or floor), place them on your partner’s shoulders. Think of it like a naughtier take on missionary — which is perfect for this sensual sign.

SAGITTARIUS: Heels-Over-head (with restraints).

Sagittarius is known for their adventurous nature, so a bit of light bondage is probably right up their alley. With your partner facing you, all you need to do is lift your legs above your head. Adding a pair of handcuffs, or another kind of restraint, around your ankles make for a seriously kinky time. Keep it going with that fire sign energy!

CAPRICORN: Doggy With a vibrator.

The practical Capricorn is straightforward and no-nonsense. After all, they have work to do! By incorporating a vibrator with the doggy-style position, Capricorn will be receiving waves of pleasure — both penetrative and clitoral. This way, they’ll be able to get that Big O a little bit quicker, and have time to get back to work — before going back for round two, obviously.

AQUARIUS: Speedbump. 

Aquarius is a free-spirited sign that loves to just go with the flow. Additionally, their open nature allows them to explore new experiences — even in the bedroom. To appeal to this sign’s quirky nature, the speedbump position is an excellent choice. Laying on your stomach, with your legs together, your partner will enter from the back, lifting your hips slightly. This position allows for a little extra spice with hair-pulling and anal play as well. Whatever you’re feeling, goes.

PISCES: Standing, in the shower.

Finally, for this creative water sign, shower sex is a fantastic option. Pisces always has their head in the clouds, which allows them to fantasize about creative ideas in and out of the bedroom. So, instead of opting for your typical bedroom sex, Pisces’ curious brain will be stimulated through shower sex. Plus, facing their partner will allow them that romantic intimacy that water signs crave.

Never forget! The sexiest thing you can do before getting intimate is always consent. Remember to practice safe sex… nothing turns me on more than some good ‘ol birth control. Stay safe, stay sexy, and have fun!

julianna is an associate editor at her campus where she mainly covers sex and relationships, wellness, mental health, astrology, and all things gen-z. during her undergraduate career at chapman university, julianna's work appeared in as if magazine and taylor magazine. additionally, her work as a screenwriter has been recognized and awarded at film festivals worldwide. when she's not writing burning hot takes and spilling way too much about her personal life online, you can find julianna anywhere books, beers, and bands are.