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Give Yourself Some Love With These Self-Compassion Journal Prompts

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As this fall season reaches its peak, we have entered a time of reconnection and resettlement. Mercury, Venus, and Neptune retrogrades have come to a close, and it is time to return to routine: a time to manifest your peace and the beginning of your mindful girl era by completing these 40 self-compassion journal entries over the rest of the season.

Journaling is one of the simplest ways to visualize and lay out your goals for yourself and your future. It is easy to get lost in the everyday chaos of going to classes, studying, and partying with friends. But, by reserving a time in your day to sit down and recenter yourself, you can expedite your healing, especially when beginning a new phase of your life.

In addition to listing out your goals and dreams, it is also important to remind yourself of your worth and beauty in this moment. Confidence and happiness are key to aligning with the law of attraction. Try these 40 journal prompts in your journaling routine for the next month and a half to practice positive thinking and hone in on the three components of self-compassion: mindfulness, common humanity, and self-kindness.

“What do I love about myself?”

The list goes on and on. You’re amazing!

“What do I want others to appreciate about me?”

Your soul is what matters most.

“My intentions to protect my peace for the day:”

It’s important.

“Am I holding a grudge against someone? What do I need to do to forgive?”

A question only you can answer.

“What is one thing I can forgive myself?”

Really think about this one.

“What are my favorite self-soothing techniques for moments of stress or discomfort?”

List them out.

“What helps me feel safe, held, and supported? How can I include this in my daily routine? “

Take the time to make space for yourself.

“What areas in my life would I like to grow and evolve in? What areas am I succeeding in?”

Manifest it!

“How can I make someone’s day better? “

What you put out to the world is what you’ll get back.

“What can others do to make my day better?”

Don’t ask too much, though.

Describe a moment when You felt truly seen and appreciated by someone.

Reflection is so important.

“What affirmations can I say today to remind myself of my worth and value?”

PIck your favorites and write ’em on a mirror.

List 10 ways You can be kinder and more compassionate to yourself.

And, if you want, write 10 more.

List Your current worries and cares. How can you ease them today?

Think of it as a to-do list.

“What is preventing me from being compassionate to myself? What can I do to overcome this?”

Being kind to yourself can be hard. But, it’s not impossible.

“In what ways have I been hard on myself lately?”

Be kind to yourself.

“How can I treat myself today and every day?”

Could be as simple as a coffee, or as grand as a spa visit.

“What in my life right now am I grateful for?”

You’d be surprised at how much comes to mind.

“What in my life right now does not bring me joy? What can I do to remove it?”

What will go, will go.

What advice would You give a friend who needed to take time to rest? Write out what that conversation would look like.

And then take that advice.

“I am exceptionally good at…”

List at least five things, and elaborate on them.

“I am proud of… “

I’m proud of… you!

“I choose to release…”

Let the universe handle it.

“I choose to accept…”

Remember: how others in your life treat you is something that’s taught.

“I deserve peace because…”

We all deserve peace.

What recurring thoughts undermine Your confidence or self-esteem? Write them down and then counter each belief with evidence that contradicts it.

You are not your thoughts.

“What is my best emotional quality?”

Get in touch with yourself.

“What does the word “confidence” mean to me?”

An important question.

“What does ‘high self-esteem’ mean to me? “

Love yourself — you deserve it.

“Who can I reach out to and catch up with today?”

A reminder to text a loved one.

“Who empowers me? How can I surround myself with more people like this?”

You are who you surround yourself with.

“Who inspires me most? What do I admire about them? How can I incorporate this in myself?”

I love this prompt.

“How can I set healthy boundaries that prioritize my well-being?”

Setting boundaries is essential.

“How has my relationship with myself changed in the past year? Has it improved or worsened? How can I continue to improve it?”

Take some time to reflect.

“What physical activity can I do today to release negative energy?”

All movement is good movement.

“What do I do when the voice in my head is mean and critical?”

Once again: You are not your thoughts.

Write a love letter to your body.

This one is important.

Write a letter to your younger self.

What would you want them to know?

Write a letter to your future self.

And manifest the life you deserve.

“What do I need to make my day great?”

Identify it, then act on it.

Maria Anna Maridi

Columbia Barnard '27

Travel, reading and writing are amongst Maria-Anna’s top interests. Maria-Anna is an incoming freshman at Columbia College aspiring to travel the world and be a writer.