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Need A Pick-Me-Up? Write One Of These Positive Affirmations On Your Mirror

Your first thought about yourself in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day, even if you have morning breath and your glasses on. (FYI, you’re stunning every second of the day.) While loving yourself is important, it can be hard to feel your best right from the jump. If you need an extra little pick me up or a reminder to create peace and positivity in your life, consider leaving yourself notes on the mirror. It sounds like a cliché way to add some good energy to your life, but it works. Seeing positive affirmations every time you look at yourself can be a fantastic way to get yourself in that self-love mood. And if you have a roommate or SO who could use some extra love, you can leave notes for them, too. Who doesn’t love a compliment? 

Whether you are looking for just an extra way to show some self-love, empower yourself more, or just spark joy, here are 40 affirmations for good energy. Take this moment to remember you are loved, beautiful, and deserving of every opportunity. So, grab a sticky note in your favorite color, and your favorite pen (we know you have one) and write yourself some affirmations to read first thing every day and during your nighttime skincare routine. Look at you, you’re glowing already!

The universe wants me to succeed.

There is always more happening than you realize, so accept and trust the universe’s plan. 

Today, I am overflowing with energy and joy.

Get started on the right foot.

I radiate positivity.

You really do!

I am in the right place.

In a society so focused on moving forward, remind yourself that you are exactly where you’re meant to be. 

My feelings and thoughts are valid.

Start your day with some reassurance that any anxiety you have is not controlling you. 

My sensitivity is beautiful.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too sensitive, turn this into power within yourself. 

I choose positivity today. 

Because you deserve to have every day be a good day. 

I love my body. 

You only get one body, remember to love it, even if you can only think of one part you love. 

I am kind to myself, I am kind to others.

It’s easy to be kind to others, but are you being kind enough to yourself? 

Today, I will celebrate all the small wins. 

Celebrate every great sunset, good cup of coffee, or compliment from a stranger. 

I am enough. 

No one gets to tell you otherwise. 

I am living to my fullest potential. 

Stop comparing yourself to others, bestie, you are succeeding — even if you don’t see it yet. 

My possibilities are endless. 

You don’t even know what the universe has in store for you, so keep your eyes open and enjoy the journey. 

I will forgive myself and others. 

Positivity does not mean perfection, allow yourself and others grace. 

I will take things on gently. 

You can welcome opportunities without burning yourself out. 

I am capable.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, you might need a reminder that you can do anything. 

I am allowed to ask for help. 

Because trying to do everything all by yourself is just never going to work well. 

My peace is mine; I will not allow anyone the power to take that away.

Other pressures or negativity do not get to change you. In 2023, we are protecting our peace. 

I will begin each day with a grateful heart. 

Gratitude opens you up to receive positive energy. 

I belong in every room I walk into. 

Because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have been invited in. But, here you are.

I bring a light with me wherever I go.

Look at you, a little ray of sunshine!

Growth comes at different moments for everyone. 

Remember this!

My value is not based on my productivity. 

You are doing your job well, and you are allowed to rest. 

I do not chase, I attract and whatever belongs to me will simply find me. 

No matter how you feel, the universe has a plan, trust it. 

I don’t need to put so much pressure on myself, I am allowed to take a break. 

‘Cause nobody likes burn out. 

Your value doesn’t decrease because someone else is incapable of seeing your worth. 

You decide your worth, and other opinions are irrelevant. 

Even if I accomplish nothing today, I am worthy and loved simply for being me. 

Bestie, it’s time to take care of yourself. 

Tomorrow is a new day. 

You get to go to bed and do it all over. 

I am not my past, I am creating my future. 

If you aren’t empowered enough to push yourself, how will those dreams come true? 

I will keep going, and everything will be worth it in the end. 

Trust in the universe, babe.

I am willing to learn and gain knowledge and wisdom. 

You are in college, after all.

Challenges arrive to teach me something. 

Life is about learning, lean into it. 

I am releasing self-doubt to make room for growth. 

Unclench your jaw, take a deep breath, and accept. 

I am my priority. 

And you aren’t selfish for recognizing that. 

I am in awe of what my body is capable of. 

It wakes up every day and carries you. 

I am allowed to be proud of myself. 

That doesn’t mean you aren’t humble. But if you aren’t celebrating your life, who will? 

I am a magnet for positivity,  abundance, and opportunity. 

Your life is what you attract. 

I love the person I see in the mirror. 

There is only one you, and how amazing you are!

I give myself permission to let go.

As you should.

I accept every part of myself.

The good and bad, the lightness and darkness.

Julia is a national writer for Her Campus. While she writes for all verticals, her focus is the wellness section, bringing you everything you need to know about relationships, astrology, and the best ways to get down and dirty. Julia is a grad student at Syracuse University where she studies communications. She is a graduate of Stony Brook University, where she studied journalism with a minor in women's studies. During her time at SBU, she was a VS PINK campus rep, and an active member of Her Campus @ SBU. When she isn't writing, you can find Julia reading a smutty romance novel, hitting up her local crystal shop, or thrifting with an iced oat milk latte in hand. She's a Capricorn (but you probably already knew that) and a practicing yogi.