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Your Retrograde Survival Gift Guide (For The Astro Babes Out There)

Retrograde season is here and besties, it’s time to prepare for what could be a drastic turn of events. With all of the cosmic chaos going on, it’s important to put yourself first — and what better way than to make yourself (or your besties) a retrograde survival kit? Because, if you plan ahead and keep a positive mindset, you can set yourself up for success — even if the retrogrades might do you a little dirty. 

If you don’t already know, a whopping six planets will be in retrograde this August. And if you’re thinking, WTF does that even mean? don’t worry — I got you.

Retrograde comes from the Latin word “retrogradus” which means “backward step.” So, Mercury Retrograde is a time when the planet Mercury appears to go backward across the sky. This, in turn, can create major disturbances in our day-to-day lives. It’s possible you will have some inconveniences like delayed flights and major miscommunications. 

From ice rollers to calming bath salts, there are so many gifts we love that could help keep you, and your astrology besties, sane. As hectic as this time may be for you, it’s important to practice your self-care and stay as optimistic as you possibly can. With some soothing gifts and a little bit of positivity, you have the ability to up your month to be the best it can be. So, I’m sending good luck your way during this Retrograde, and hoping this gift guide helps you to survive what could be pure chaos.

Pajama pants

Nothing is better than buttery soft lounge pants to hang around the house in. These Hello Mello Loungewear Signature Lounge Pants ($30) look so comfy and I can promise that once you put these on your body, you will be at ease. 

Bath salts

Bath salts are something that helps heal the soul and they should definitely be a part of your next purchase for Retrograde. These salts ($28) help you to relax through the aromatherapy of eucalyptus, rosemary, and peppermint. They have a calming and cooling effect on your skin — you’ll never want to get out of your bathtub. 

Zodiac anklet

Treat your friend and get them a personal zodiac bracelet or anklet. Glazd Jewels makes the most dainty chains ($20) with your zodiac sign on it, and I can promise you that having this on your wrist or ankle will keep you in check during the retrograde.


One of the most useful, and cutest, gifts, is an agenda for the upcoming year. Not only does this truly help to keep your life in check, but it’s a super cute desk accessory, too. This planner ($34) from Papier is a perfect agenda to keep track of meetings, plans, and appointments. Retrograde might have plans of disturbing our life but this planner will be sure to counteract those disturbances. 

Ice roller

If there’s anything that will help you keep your “cool” during retrograde, it’s an ice roller ($4) — especially in the hot summer months. This is a great gift because ice rollers are the most calming tools in the world, IMO, and can truly help you get rid of any stress in your life. Whether something goes wrong or a plan is canceled, your ice roller will always be there for you to help you calm down.

Zodiac perfume

Sucreabeille makes personalized perfumes ($28) for each zodiac sign — and a good scent might single-handedly have the power to get you through Retrograde, or at least boost your mood a little. Having a personal perfume made for your specific zodiac is a great way to get through this time — and it makes for an awesome gift. 

Heating pad

The opposite of an ice roller, a heating pad ($15) can also put your mind, and body, at ease and provide extreme comfort during a, possibly, stressful time. Heating pads are great for someone who is feeling stressed, and just wants some comfort. Oh, and bonus points if you get one with lavender in it, that will totally calm any nerves one might have. 

Birthdate candle

This zodiac candle ($50) from Birthdate Co is based on your actual birth date, and it will “unlock secrets of your personality.” This personalized candle is so special and is the perfect gift to start retrograde on a good note.

Eye and head massager

OK, this eye massager ($70) is heavenly — it feels like you’ve been transported to a spa just by putting this over your head. Once you use it, you’ll never want to take it off. 

Therapy dough

I bet you haven’t heard of this before, and that’s part of what makes it such a fab gift. It’s new and different, and it’ll also help your friend (or you) get through a crazy astrological season. This dough ($15) is modeled after the clay used by art therapists and is infused with essential oils to help de-stress. This gift can definitely make Retrograde feel more manageable, and is perfect for a stressed friend. 

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