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Lose the Freshman 15: Warning! The Worst Thing That Can Happen On A Run


Hey, collegiettes! Let’s talk running horror stories. Last weekend, I flew from NYC to Portland, Oregon to surprise my mom for her birthday and for Mother’s Day. Wonderful for me—and horrible, as it turns out, for my roommate back in the Big Apple. Why? Because the poor guy went for a run and somewhere along the way, his keys fell out of his pocket, never to be seen again. Phone and wallet in our apartment and me across the country with the other set of keys, Jack had no choice but to get a locksmith to change the locks. Ouch. Let’s just say that wasn’t cheap.

Because of this, I come to you with a quick and dirty rules to avoid a fate like my roommate’s and protect your keys while you’re running!

1. Wear the right gear. Plenty of brands out there have apparel for running, both tops and bottoms, with built in zippered pockets for just this purpose. If you need a suggestion, I got these Go 2 Capris from our sponsors over at New Balance and am beyond in love with the inconspicuous zippered pouch inside the waist.

2. Utilize hair ties to keep your keys on your wrist. Even if you don’t have special-made swag, chances are, you have a hair tie around, so use it!

3. Make a spare key just for running. Not having to take your whole set of keys out with you every time you go running will minimize the damage if you do lose them. For standard house keys, getting a copy is cheap and in the long run, far more convenient than having to get new ones after the fact, so plan ahead. 

Simple as that. Happy running, and even happier Saturday-ing, ladies!

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