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Lose the Freshman 15: Cuckoo For Coconut Water


I have a confession: I am newly obsessed with coconut water. I didn’t realize it at first—when my gift from ZICO came in the mail (36 bottles of the stuff!), I started casually tossing back a bottle or two when I wanted something a little sweeter than water without thinking too much about it. Now, as I sit here looking at what is my last bottle of ZICO, the realization is hitting me full force: I use the stuff for everything. Where did my three crates of ZICO go!? How did I not realize how much of the stuff I was guzzling?

In celebration (or in mourning) of my last bottle of ZICO, I come to you with my favorite ways of utilizing this drink of which I am now a faithful disciple. Follow my lead and hop on the bandwagon, because I have, and I’m not looking back.

Post-workout replenisher. After a tough workout, you need to replenish. You knew that, right? That’s what the Gatorade and sports bar commercials are always telling you. But let’s be real: I’m not a professional athlete, and I definitely don’t train like one, so I don’t need heavy replenishing and hydrating after my workout. That’s why coconut water has been perfect for me: it has tons of electrolytes, potassium, and is still low in calories and sugar.  

Morning coffee substitute. Since starting my first desk job this quarter, I’ve found myself a slave to the coffee cup. Every morning on my way into the Glamour offices, I stop by the break room to get a cup of coffee—and it only took about two weeks of that habit to see how negatively it was effecting me. My teeth weren’t as white, my energy was crashing by noon, I craved the stuff like air. I became an addict quickly, and have started using ZICO Latte (self explanatory: latte flavored coconut water!) to get my delicious coffee fix. It’s healthier, doesn’t stain my teeth and tastes great over ice—and it scratches my coffee itch in the morning.

Low-cal mixer. I already raved about my favorite under-200 calorie drinks, but if you want to go super low cal, use coconut water as a mixer. It goes great with vodka or Malibu rum—and maybe it’s the electrolytes, but I’ve never had a hangover after this mix!

Hangover relief. And for the nights that I didn’t use ZICO as a mixer…I may or may not have nursed a hydrating bottle of coconut water every couple of Saturday and Sunday mornings, and it may or may not have worked like a charm. But I can’t confirm or deny.

That’s all for now, collegiettes. Look out for my post on Monday for my final DietBet results! 

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