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Lose the Freshman 15: Best All Around Strength Training Routine



Hello Collegiettes!


My life has been a little crazy, changes are coming up every single day and it is rather overwhelming, but also very exciting!  Whether it is a new job you are starting, an internship, or graduating from college, ending a relationship, whatever it may be – change can be super difficult.   Something that I can count on to stay consistent and keep me from losing-it is exercise.  It helps clear the mind, feel empowered and in a better mood! Since I have been travelling here and there, I have been doing a mix of my HIIT routine and this weight training routine below.  All you need for this weight routine is 5-12lb dumbells depending on your level!

Warmup:  5 minutes of anything to warm your body (yes, dancing crazy around your house to Pitbull does count)

Workout: Do each moves 15 times (reps) and repeat this circuit three times through (sets)

1.    Squats with weights in hands

2.    Bicep Curls

3.    Lunges (15 each leg)

4.    Overhead / Military Press

5.    Deadlift to row

6.    Tricep Kickbacks

7.    Squat Jumps

8.    Chest Press

9.    Lunge Jumps

10. Plank (1 minute)

11. Bridge Lift (with feet flat on floor, lift up your hips while squeezing your glutes)

12. Bicycles (30 seconds)

Once you have completed this 2-3 times through, take 5 minutes and do a good stretch!  This every body part, and is a great, simple go-to strength training routine.




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