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These Freaky Never Have I Ever Prompts Are Sure To Spice Things Up

Picture this: a nice full glass of wine (for my 21+ readers) and all your friends gathered in the living room. It’s every girl’s girl ideal night in. The vibes are great, but a fun little game would make the vibes even better: It’s the perfect time for Never Have I Ever! You’ve heard of the game and probably played it in middle school — but this version is a little elevated with some freaky Never Have I Ever questions that’ll make your friends spill all sorts of juicy secrets.

If you haven’t played Never Have I Ever (no judgment here), let me give you a rundown. Basically, everyone starts by putting ten fingers up and someone sharing something they’ve never done, and then whoever had done the deed would put a finger down. The premise of the game is to be the last person with a finger up. 

Personally, I think you’re never too old for a fun game with your friends, and Never Have I Ever feels like Truth or Dare’s hotter older sister — deeper questions and no aspects require you to get up for a dare, so it feels like a win-win to me.  So, all my oversharers (guilty), please rise! I’ve got the perfect game for you. Get ready to curl up with your friends and learn way more than you probably ever wanted to know.

Never have I ever dated my boss.

Personally, I love a good workplace romance.

Never have I ever called someone “daddy.”

Guilty, guilty! 

Never have I ever had a hickey.

Grab some cold spoons ASAP.

Never have I ever had sex in public.

How public are we talking? 

Never have I ever bitten someone sexually.

Edward Cullen, FR. 

Never have I ever pulled someone’s hair.

And why not?

Never have I ever hooked up with my friend’s sibling.

In the wise words of Tori Vega, “my best friend’s brother is the one for me, BFB!”

Never have I ever been tied up.

This is what Girl Scouts prepared me for.

Never have I ever been choked.

Again, why not?

Never have I ever sucked someone’s toes.

Don’t knock it ’til you try it!

Never have I ever kissed multiple people on the same night.

There’s a first time for everything!

Never have I ever faked an orgasm.

If you haven’t, you’re so lucky.

Never have I ever given head in the car.

Gets a little bumpy…

Never have I ever sent explicit pictures.

Gotta get all the angles!

Never have I ever broken up with someone via text.

That’s cold!

Never have I ever been in an open relationship.

If you’re curious about learning more about open relationships, check out this article. (Self-plug, sorry!)

Never have I ever joined the mile-high club.

This has always fascinated me because those bathrooms are SO small.

Never have I ever called someone the wrong name in bed.


Never have I ever had a sex dream.

I swear those are the most random, and I wake up looking at someone in a whole new light. 

Never have I ever gotten back together with my ex.

*Puts many fingers down.*

Never have I ever had a one-night stand.

It builds character, IMHO.

Never have I ever kissed someone I just met.

It’s giving the ultimate meet-cute. 

Never have I ever used handcuffs.

And, like, not in an arrested way. 

Never have I ever used edible lube. 

I’m craving strawberries all of a sudden…

Never have I ever masturbated.

Get freaky and try these positions on your next solo sesh.

Never have I ever slid into someone’s DMs.

Classic little fire emoji!

Never have I ever bit someone’s lip.

You can, in fact, bite too hard.

Never have I ever cheated on someone.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about why people cheat, it’s not always so black and white.

Never have I ever watched porn.

Put DND on!

Never have I ever been walked in on while having sex.

I guess depends on who’s walking in?!

Never have I ever had phone sex.

This is a great idea — just maybe don’t put them on speaker.

Never have I ever flirted with someone who I knew was in a relationship.


Never have I ever gone to a strip club.

Grab them dollar bills!

Never have I ever used a dating app.

It’s like a little hot or not game.

Never have I ever given or received a lap dance.

Turn up the music.

Never have I ever paid for sex.

Have you?

Never have I ever hooked up in a public bathroom.

Not the bathroom!

Never have I ever listened to someone have sex.

Purposely? Or?

Never have I ever sent a dirty text to the wrong person.

What a surprise!

Never have I ever gone to a sex party.

This is on my bucket list, TBH.

Avery Worley is a national writer for Her Campus. She has written across all verticals but takes a special interest in the wellness section, especially mental health, sex and relationships, and all things astrology. Beyond Her Campus, Avery attended New York University's Publishing Institute and is getting her Masters in Mass Communications from the University of Florida. When she isn't writing, you can find her exploring NYC with her latest romance novel in hand and relating way too much to "mirrorball" by Taylor Swift. If it's the fall, she's definitely rewatching Gilmore Girls.