5 Health & Fitness Tips to Live By

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1. Eat breakfast

If you know me, this is an obvious one! I NEVER skip breakfast, but for a good reason! Breakfast helps start your metabolism and gives you energy and proper nutrition to focus throughout the day. I have found that if I don’t eat breakfast, I usually make bad eating habits throughout the day (especially at night... hello sweet tooth!). Starting your day off with a healthy and nutritious breakfast is essential!

2. Drinks lots of water

The Water Question. People are always curious as to how much water they need in a day. I love to live by this rule of thumb: drink more water than you think you should. I like to start off my day drinking roughly 30 ml of water before I leave my house. Then, I try to down at least two and a half of those 30 ml bottles while I’m at work, and then 30 ml more when I get home. Now, this is like perfect-world scenario… I don’t always achieve this. But, it is a great goal for me to have! Key: keep a water bottle with you at all times!

3. Walk often

I like to walk. There is something about it that is so calming and you just feel so… fit! Try to get as many steps in as you can a day. I like to park farther away from buildings, walk around the school [where I work] if I have been sitting a while, or just go on a walk with my sister. This does not count as my workout for the day; however, it is a great way to keep the burn even after your a.m. workout! Sometimes you don’t realize how sedentary you are until you consciously try to get more steps in.

Read the full post here.