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ICYMI: There’s An Alix Earle Energy Drink & Pre-Workout & It’s Selling Out Fast

Attention gym lovers: This one is for you. Now, I’m sure by now, we all know how magical pre-workout is. When I was a gym newbie, I couldn’t understand how people could stay at a gym, run, and lift heavy objects for over 30 minutes without getting bored, exhausted, or completely unfocused. However, after finding my go-to pre-workout (AminoLean, you saved my life), I’m all aboard that pre-workout bandwagon. And if you’re not exactly there yet, maybe Alix Earle can convince you.

That’s right. On March 22, Alix Earle teamed up with AminoLean (aka, the best to ever do it) to launch a limited-time, exclusive pre-workout and energy drink collaboration. And while the collab just dropped, Earle and AminoLean have been working on this partnership since October 2022. After rounds of in-person tasting, Earle was actually at the helm of the creative process in ideating the flavor, name, and overall aesthetic, according to an official statement by AminoLean. Complete with adorable pink packaging, the Berry ALIXIR is a new, sweet berry flavor from AminoLean, and I’m obsessed.

The pre-workout blend is packed with natural caffeine (to keep you energized in the gym) and biotin, while the energy drink boasts a blend of potassium, vitamin C, and AminoLean’s signature natural caffeine blend. Oh, and did I mention both of ’em are zero sugar?

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The Berry ALIXER Energy Drink Isn’t just for working out.

If you’re not quite ready to dive into the world of pre-workout, but still want to be focused in the gym, the Berry ALIXIR energy drink is a fantastic option. The drink contains 200mg of natural caffeine from green tea leaves and added aminos, so you can get that boost of caffeine without feeling jittery. While AminoLean is a gym-focused brand, you can totally sip on this drink before class, during the midday slump, or before going out for the night. (WWAED: What Would Alix Earle Do? Probably drink the energy drink.)

RSP Nutrition, $30

AminoLean’s Berry Alixier pre-workout was designed for newbies.

Pre-workout is weirdly intimidating — taking a bunch of concentrated caffeine to rage out in the gym for an hour or two just doesn’t tickle everyone’s fancy. However, taking the right pre-workout before the gym can actually increase your energy, help you stay focused, increase your blood flow, and, overall, can just make your gym-going experience better.

“We have loved working with Alix every step of the way because she genuinely enjoys the product and provides an authentic perspective to the people who haven’t tried it,” AminoLean said in a statement. “Pre-workout has previously been looked at as something ‘scary’ for non-gym buffs, but Alix has been a proponent in showcasing why you shouldn’t be scared of AminoLean and how it can benefit your lifestyle and fitness journey.”

RSP Nutrition, $35

How Much Does The Alix Earle Berry ALIXER cost?

The prices of the Berry ALIXIR line vary from product to product. The energy drink comes in a pack of 12 and retails for $30. The pre-workout powder, which is an 8.04 oz tub, goes for $35. However, if you want to get these two in a bundle, it’ll cost you $59. Considering you’ll be saving around $7 with the bundle, I’ll categorize this one to be a minor steal.

RSP Nutrition, $59

Where Can I buy the Alix Earle berry ALIXIR Pre-workout & Energy Drink?

For now, you can only buy these products from AminoLean on AminoLeanEnergy.com. However, we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as the Berry ALIXIR is available at other places. So, for the time being, you can catch me channeling my inner Alix Earle, and chugging these drinks at all times.

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