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Bring The Gym To Your Dorm With These 6 Workout Essentials

If you needed one, here it is: This is your sign to create your very own health haven, starting in your dorm, apartment, or bedroom. Let’s be honest, sometimes going to the gym just takes too long: Not the actual process of working out, but getting in the car, then working out, and coming home. At times, the commute takes up more time than the actual workout. And for busy college students and 20somethings, convenience is key. You might love to work out, but can’t always find the time. 

If you want the ability to work out every day, or you feel motivated to add workouts to your day, look no further. You can actually get the movement you want from your home with a few home gym essentials. These items are portable, easy to store, and (most importantly) super cute. Seriously, you should be able to pack up everything on this list and hide it in a basket or under your bed. Or decorate with them. I don’t judge.

Yoga Mat

A nice, thick yoga mat ($25) is a must for floor pilates, yoga, or just plain old ab workouts: It makes the ground softer and provides a non-slip surface. You don’t want to fall out of your downward dog because you were wearing socks on hardwood floors. Been there.

Yoga Strap

A yoga strap is super helpful for improving flexibility because it allows you to lengthen your limbs and reach, reach, reach! If you aren’t flexible, or a beginner yogi, this is a must-have to make sure you get a good stretch in before you do anything else. 

Ankle Weights

This seems like such a fitness-girlie, wellness influencer item, but ankle weights ($19) have changed my life. I love throwing them on to make my daily yoga flow a little more challenging or wearing them on a walk around the neighborhood. Ankle weights also work well when doing activities like floor pilates or Zumba — you can really use them for anything. We love to see it. 


Having weights is a super effective way to build strength and muscle. This adjustable kettlebell ($63) makes it super easy to move up in weight by having 3 different weight options in one kettlebell. Use this weight to do moves, like kettlebell swings, weighted squats, or weighted Russian twists.

Yoga blocks

Yoga blocks ($18) are useful because their role is to essentially bring the floor higher so if you are working toward flexibility these are a must. I recommend using these in yoga and pilates, when you begin a practice sitting, it can make criss-cross applesauce easier. In poses like half-moon or crane, it makes it easier to reach the floor. You can also use yoga blocks to turn poses like bridge into a restorative pose, so the elevation of your hips is still there, but the block takes some of the work off your legs. 

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands ($11) make building booty strength so much easier and they are tiny, which makes storing them easy. This pack features different strengths so you can increase or decrease based on exercise and goal. 

Julia is a national writer for Her Campus. While she writes for all verticals, her focus is the wellness section, bringing you everything you need to know about relationships, astrology, and the best ways to get down and dirty. Julia is a recent grad of Stony Brook University, where she studied journalism with a minor in women's studies. During her time at SBU, she was a VS PINK campus rep, and an active member of Her Campus @ SBU. When she isn't writing, you can find Julia reading a smutty romance novel, hitting up her local crystal shop, or thrifting with an iced oat milk latte in hand. She's a Capricorn (but you probably already knew that) and a practicing yogi.