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Dispatch: Spring Break Survival Kits!

Spring Break has only one downside, and that’s the period of adjusting back to campus life that seems to last until finals week. Luckily...

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DIY Your Way Into Winter

Get ready for a pun, because it’s coming. Are you ready to spruce up your dorm room with some easy (and adorable) DIYs? There, that wasn’t...

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Black Friday Afterthoughts

It has become a tradition in my household to go all out for the annual Black Friday sales. Living in Philadelphia, I have the privilege of...

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Virtual Internships

Right now my semester work is tapering off, but my internship assignments are really building. I’m doing a virtual internship this semester...

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Ready or Not?

I’ve begun to notice how often I delete OCR event and resume workshop emails, and I can’t help but wonder whether this is a good decision...

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The Importance of Staying Balanced

When I opened my planner this morning, I saw a page covered in what looked like the Unabomber’s chicken-scratch, and I realized that my...