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DIY Your Way Into Winter

Get ready for a pun, because it’s coming. Are you ready to spruce up your dorm room with some easy (and adorable) DIYs? There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?

I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I get my first pumpkin spice latte of the season, I just want to dive into it and live there. I promise, if you keep reading my thought process gets saner. So I tried to come up with do-able projects that I could make to really get into the wintery, holiday spirit that we see all down Locust.

I know it’s a very stressful time, but these projects are a quick, creative break from that bone-dry sociology paper or less-dry-but-no-more-motivating physics problem set. And you can add any of these projects to your nightly Netflix routine, just to exercise your mind in a more productive way!

Rustic and romantic jewelry hanger

Supplies: Scrap of wood, wine corks, glue, paint

 How adorable would this look on your wall, and with all of your pretty necklaces hanging off of it? Not to mention the fact that it’s not like you don’t have enough wine corks to make this happen anyway. Let’s be real.

Dry-erase calendar

Supplies: 30 paint chips in fall colors, picture frame with a glass covering, white construction paper

If you pick the right ratio of maroons to oranges, you can make this one seriously festive. Plus, who doesn’t love to collect paint chips?

Tea bag wreath

Supplies: clothespins, paper, glue, ribbon, tea

The important note for this one is to make sure you have a lot of tea on hand. Somehow, whenever I see tea bags that are so easily accessible (I mean, it takes approximately two minutes to pluck a bag and turn it into a steaming, sweet cup of tea), they disappear too fast for my comfort.

Picturesque Christmas lights

Supplies: Christmas lights, tape, photographs, clothespins

Put a twist on the standard strung lights by adding your favorite pictures—they can be from the summer, they can be of your high school friends, they can be just of yourself, but it looks beautiful! And who doesn’t love to see twinkly lights in the window across the street (I’m talking to you, Harrison-dwellers. There are frat houses on two sides of that building).

Mason jar snow globes

Supplies: Saline, mason jar, glitter, object

Make this festive or quirky, and enjoy the childlike wonder you’ll get every time you shake it up and watch the glitter fall slowly around your scene!

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