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Priscilla’s Picks: Who WOOD have thought?

Her Campus UPenn is thrilled to announce Priscilla’s Picks, a new weekly column chronicling the accessories picks and beauty tips and tricks of stylish senior and HC writer Priscilla Andalia.


One of the most popular trends in women’s accessories is the oversized watch. A fashionable bulky watch makes for a good statement accessory for any outfit.  However, the oversized watch is nothing new.  What I want to introduce you to is the “mother nature” of “boyfriend watches.” Analog Watch Co. has successfully brought a simplistic and natural design to the oversized watch by manufacturing a timepiece out of wood. That’s right — wood!

As a lover of unique accessories, I ordered my Analog watch and anxiously awaited its arrival. And when it did arrive, I was not disappointed in the slightest.  Before delving into how much I love my new wooden accessory,  I think it is important to tell you that comfort is something I have always struggled with when it comes to watches.  My strife with most oversized watches is that they weigh down the arm and that the buckle settings are usually too spaced out, making it either too tight or too loose around the wrist.  But alas, Analog Watch Co. has created a watch that is extremely lightweight and impeccably flexible.  And unlike the watches I’ve had trouble with, Analog Watch Co. made sure to put the buckle settings close enough together to comfortably accommodate any wrist size.  I would say that my wrist is fairly small and the watch still fits like a glove.  The second smallest sizing offered by the band’s many holes provides the perfect fit for my wrist.  

Analog Watch Co. has done an amazing job with creating a collection of gender-neutral watches that not only features wooden faces and bezels, but wooden bands as well.  I ordered the “Teak & Bamboo” because I love the contrast in the light bezel color and the darker band color.  The two neutral colors go together perfectly and pair well with your every day outfit.  However, those who are concerned with the environment and the cutting down of trees may advocate against these wooden accessories.  But rest assured, because Analog Watch Co. is doing their part to contribute back to the environment by planting a tree for every watch that is purchased.  With that being said, I strongly recommend this product to anyone looking for a fashionable and affordable “boyfriend watch,” not to mention one that is unique and comfortable.  

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