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Priscilla’s Picks: A Review of Tieks by Gavrieli

When you buy a new pair of shoes, you start the relationship off knowing it’ll be hard. New shoes are usually stiff and uncomfortable until you break them in, taking a toll on your once blister-free feet in the mean time. And yet, you put up with the heart-ache, or feet-ache rather, in the hopes that it will pay off in the end. Unfortunately, most flats remain uncomfortable even after breaking them in; they tend to lack sole support and losen up causing your heels to slip out when you walk. However, Tieks by Gavrieli sets their flats apart by solving these problems. See below for my pros and cons!




1. Blister Free: Tieks are made of soft Italian leather that hug your heels so that there is no “slip-age” and no blisters.

2. Comfort: The cushioned instep and non-skid rubber patches get you through the day and the night in comfort.

3. Travel Size: You can easily travel with them.  They are extremely flexible, allowing them to fold in half and fit inside the complementary compact pouch.  The flats also come with a complementary reusable tote to carry your heels in, for when you want to give your feet a break from those painful heels.

4. Business Wear: Tieks are simple and stylish making them the perfect addition to your business wardrobe.  With On Campus Recruitment in the midst, running from information session to information session becomes your daily exercise.  A comfortable pair of flats would be a real lifesaver in situations like these.

5. Recyclable Packaging: You can recycle the decorative flower that comes with the packaging by giving it to a mini fashionista to use as a headband.



1. Pricey: Buying Tieks could hurt your bank account.  Although the quality of the shoe is well worth the splurge, and once you have a pair you’ll want to buy more in different colors. 

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