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Dispatch: Spring Break Survival Kits!

Spring Break has only one downside, and that’s the period of adjusting back to campus life that seems to last until finals week. Luckily for us, we had our Her Campus Survival Kits to get us back in the swing of things!

Those of us who went time-zone-hopping were worried about jet lag – how were we supposed to study for exams and attend all of the amazing post-break campus performances if we were up all night? Enter NeuroSLEEP, an all-natural sleep aid beverage that gave us the good night’s rest we craved without any morning-after haze. We tried the Mellow Mango flavor, and loved it! Though NeuroSLEEP contains melatonin to help put you to sleep, the taste of the natural blend of flavors is still delectable.I spent break in Berlin and Prague, and was terrified of how off-kilter my sleep schedule would be when I got back, but I shouldn’t have been! Just a few nights with NeuroSLEEP and I felt better rested than I did even after winter break.

For those of us who went south to Puerta Vallarta, Cancun, or another beach location, we were worried about our hair. Windblown, scraggly, and caked with sea salt is perfect for the beach, but once back in Philadelphia, the damage from sun, sand, and sea was all too noticeable. We turned to TRESemmé’s Expert Selection Keratin Smooth system. The quick and easy application of the heat-activated treatment left hair soft, smooth, and easily manageable – as if the drying damage had never even happened! Even beyond the three days the system says it will last, we noticed significant difference in the strength and manageability of our hair even now, a week later. I can only imagine what it would do when it’s not already accounting for damage – kiss those expensive salon keratin treatments goodbye!

We successfully survived the transition back from Spring Break – did you? Don’t forget to submit your funniest, craziest, most inappropriate Spring Break stories to us via the Her Campus UPenn Facebook page for a chance to win these products and more in your own HC Survival Kit!


This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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