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From the Editors: Best and Worst Dressed at the Oscars – Alexis’s Picks

Let’s face it – no night is as important as Oscar night, and this is coming from a girl who actually watches football and holds the Super Bowl in high esteem. What’s even more true is that we all watch for the dresses (and don’t even pretend you don’t). Today, your Her Campus UPenn Editors-in-Chief give you our input on who dressed the best and who shouldn’t have left the house. Get ready for us to tell it like it is, because not even being Penn royalty can save you from our discerning taste. Here are Alexis’s picks:



3. Anna Kendrick got confused and thought she was on her way to a bad Halloween party instead of the Oscars. Even then, I’m not impressed. If you’re going as Spiderella, you really can’t pull it off without the long, black wig and plastic spider rings. Love her, confused by this.

2. Chrissy Teigen may basically be Penn royalty (she’s married to graduation speaker and Penn grad John Legend), but this look is certainly not fit for a queen. While I love me some Monique Lhuillier, I don’t love me prints at the Oscars. High-low hems have had their moment, now it’s time to shut it down. And black and pink flowers? My thirteenth birthday party wants its décor back, thanks!

I can’t deny she’s a fantastically beautiful woman – but that doesn’t excuse her from getting her hair done. Moving right along…

1. Whoopi Goldberg was as upset over her ill-fitting, wrinkled white shirt as we were, so she took a page out of Julia Roberts’ book and threw on a strapless black dress. I didn’t like this look on Julia, and Whoopi’s Renaissance fair top and costume pearls aren’t doing it any justice. This one’s just one big Whoopsi Goldberg, if you ask me.

Pictured with daughter Alex Martin. 

For reference, here’s Julia Roberts at this year’s Golden Globes (looks like she’s not loving Whoopi’s rip-off, either).



3. Portia de Rossi officially made me want to be Ellen DeGeneres more than I already do, because she gets to go home to this every night. This dress has renewed my faith in strategic cutouts. Also, turtlenecks. When I wear a turtleneck, I look like a turtle. This gown is fun, sophisticated, and perfectly sheer. Plus – check out that cuff!

2. Naomi Watts is the flawless ice queen you wish you were. Her lusciously textured white sheath dress skims her body perfectly and gives off just the right amount of sparkle. I also applaud her geometric wonder of a necklace choice, a welcome reprieve from your run-of-the-mill diamond collar. Not to mention that hair – only Naomi could virtually towel dry her hair and flip it over her shoulder and still look cooler than anyone you know. She’s an ice queen, but the cold never bothered me, anyway.

1. Lupita Nyong’o left me speechless. Prada made her a custom dress in a color that reminds her of home in Nairobi, Kenya. Did Prada make you a custom dress? No. She was also one of the only women on the red carpet last night that dared to sport a red lip and effortlessly nailed it. Beautiful color, beautiful talent, beautiful, plunging neckline – Lupita, you’ll always be the best dressed in my book. Always.

Just look at it move.

Simply incredible.

Now for an Honorable Mention: I don’t know why Lady Gaga was at the Oscars, but it made my night. If my Best Dressed list had a fourth spot, she’d fill it. Yüyi the mermaid lives!


That’s all, chickens. Make sure to check out Monika’s picks, also on the HC UPenn Blog!


Photos courtesy of Getty Images.

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