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College Horror Stories

College horror stories. We all have them. Whether they’re drunk disasters (yours or someone else's), a roommate from hell, or any of the...

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Campus Cutie: Maddy Hitel ’20

Name: Maddy Hitel Class year: 2020 Hometown: Riverside, Connecticut Major: English and Music Birthday: May 22 Nicknames: Madge, Big Dinky...

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Campus Cutie: Danielle Watts ’19

Name: Danielle Watts Class Year : 2019 Hometown: Fairhope, Alabama Major : English Post Sewanee plans : Law School yay!! Clubs/teams...

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Get to Know the Music House

For those who don't know, theme housing on Sewanee campus is a house, managed by students, that people with similar interests live in...

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Sewanee Hearts & Grocery Carts

A few weeks ago, Kappa Omega's annual fundraiser, Sewanee Hearts and Grocery Carts, took place. Having only started three years ago, Kappa...

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The End of Freshman Year

My freshman year at Sewanee is coming to close, and it's a bittersweet moment for me. With only half a semester left of my last semester as...