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Sewanee Hearts & Grocery Carts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sewanee chapter.

A few weeks ago, Kappa Omega’s annual fundraiser, Sewanee Hearts and Grocery Carts, took place. Having only started three years ago, Kappa Omega’s charity drive benefits the Community Action Comitee, raising money and donations for those in need in and around Sewanee. To learn more about Sewanee Hearts and Grocery Carts, I’ve interviewed Callan Ghareeb, a new member of Kappa Omega, to learn more about this incredible fundraiser, that for some is literally quite life changing.

For those who might be unfamiliar with Sewanee Hearts and Grocery Carts, what exactly is its purpose and what fueled KO to start this three years ago?

    Sewanee Hearts and Grocery Carts raises money for the CAC, which is an organization that provides assistance to those in need in our community. A lot of their work is acting somewhat like a food pantry, providing food and other basic needs to those in poverty around us.

What is Sewanee Hearts and Grocery Carts main goals? And how have you fulfilled those goals in recent years?

    Sewanee Hearts and Grocery Carts raises money for the Community Action Committee. Last year we raised about $1500 and this year we raised about  $1600!

How does Sewanee Hearts and Grocery Carts coordinate its work with others?

    All of the money raised at the event goes to the CAC. We invite other fraternities, sororities, and theme houses to donate baskets that are bid on at the event, getting others involved too.

How does Sewanee Hearts and Grocery Carts not only connect the Sewanee community, but as well as fellow Sewanee greek life?

    Others are invited to donate a basket for the auction. Each basket has a theme and it can be whatever that greek life organization wants it to be. Some of the baskets donated this year were a grilling basket from DKE, a sweetheart basket from from ADPi, and a knitting basket.

Why should more students get involved with Sewanee Hearts and Grocery Carts and what are some ways they can, even if they might not be a sister of KO?

    The CAC focuses solely on the community around us. Many people don’t realize that poverty is as prevalent as it is in our area, and the CAC can use all the help they can get combatting it. The more involvement we get at Sewanee Hearts and Grocery Carts, the more money the CAC gets. Right now we don’t really get many students in attendance, but if we do this could really become a school-wide event where everyone is helping to serve the community we live in.


How has Sewanee Hearts and Grocery Carts evolved in three short years? What impact has it made?

    Sewanee Hearts and Grocery Carts shows the community that the University is not completely separate from them. Many view the university as a completely different world, but we aren’t. We are a part of the Sewanee area like everyone else and therefore we should serve it like everyone else.


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