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College Horror Stories

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sewanee chapter.

College horror stories. We all have them. Whether they’re drunk disasters (yours or someone else’s), a roommate from hell, or any of the other crazy things that seem to happen in these four years of life. I asked around campus for people to tell me some of their stories, so forget about your own misfortunes, laugh about theirs, and hope that they never happen to you.

“The Saturday before Thanksgiving I was out at Fiji at 8 and from then on I don’t remember anything. But I woke up with one show on, no shirt and no bra, and a very noticeable cut right in between my eyes. Apparently I face planted at some point during the night. That’s not what I told my family at Thanksgiving dinner.”

“When I was sick because of the flu and totally not related to any illegal reasons whatsoever I then proceeded to throw up straight off of the Lambda balcony down onto the ground below.”

“My first week at Sewanee my neighbor threw up everywhere right outside my room. He cleaned it the next day but not very well because there was still a stain on the wall and the carpet at the end of the year.”

“Some people never deal with this problem, but if you lived in Ayres last year you know the pain. During the last 2 months of the semester there was a fire drill every weekend because we kept failing them. 8 times.”

“When I woke up I could hear people having sex 3 rooms away from mine.”

“Last year we were in a drought and it didn’t rain in Sewanee for the first 3 months of the semester. At 2 am the fire alarm went off when I already had to be up at 5 am for sports, and right when we got outside it started pouring. After 3 months of perfect weather.”

“My freshman year a random couple broke into my room and had sex on the floor. My roommate walked in on then and they tried to lock her out. Our suite mate’s boyfriend was a proctor so it’s needless to say they got in trouble.”