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Spoon University Comes to Holy Cross!

This week I had the opportunity to sit down with Isabella Cuellar, a sophomore Psychology major with an Education minor who happens to be a...

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What I Learned During Dry Season

For those who have never had to endure the torture and *joy* of dry season it is basically when collegiate athletes and their teammates...

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Off Campus Foodies

Getting tired of the routine of Kimball, lower, crossroads, and cool beans? But also feel like trying something other than Panera or...

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8 Halloween Necessities

1). EAT CANDY. We are never too old for candy, you must stock up. Chocolate in the freezer for sure, especially Reeses and Kit Kats. 2). An...

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8 Snacks for Fall Semester

1. Popcorn After a long hard day, the popping in your micro-fridge might just be music to your ears. 2. Chocolate Just remember keep it...