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Spoon University Comes to Holy Cross!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

This week I had the opportunity to sit down with Isabella Cuellar, a sophomore Psychology major with an Education minor who happens to be a Community Manager for the Spoon University chapter here at Holy Cross. In order to learn more about the organization, read our interview below!


S: In your own words, what exactly is Spoon University for those who don’t know?

I: It’s an online food publication specifically catered to college students written by college students nationwide. There are different roles within every chapter (community manager, social media editor, and editorial director to name a few). Everyone who participates can either write articles, manage events, take photos, or help out social media, and it’s possible to take on more than one.


S: What will Spoon University look like at Holy Cross?


I: Our chapter here just started last year, but I just got involved this year. At the beginning of the year, we hosted an event called The Taste of Kimball, which involved different food stations and free samples from local vendors served for dinner. Our goal for now is to make Spoon University more common on campus. As a community manager, I’m hoping to incorporate some kind of event once a month, each one with a corresponding theme.


S: What’s the theme for this month?

I: The theme this month is travel. So, since we’re still a new club and we’re trying to get new members, we’re doing a chapter bonding event for recruitment. We’re hoping to get food from different ethnic and international restaurants in Worcester for a potluck dinner.


S: How do you plan on managing recruitment?

I: Our application is out right now (link below) and we had a table set up in Kimball last week where we handed out Spoon University laptop stickers to spread awareness for our chapter. We also have been posting about recruitment on our Instagram page and we have been contacting interested students via email.




S: What’s the best part of being a member of the Holy Cross chapter of Spoon University?

I: The best part would probably be the people that are involved because everyone is super welcoming and we all share a common passion for food. It’s also nice because it gives you an excuse to eat sweets because you can say it’s for a post for the Instagram.

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Learn more about Spoon University at Holy Cross by visiting www.holycross.spoonuniversity.com!

Sophomore and History and English double major at the College of the Holy Cross