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Second Edition: Ask a Bro Advice Column

HC: There are a lot of cute guys in my classes and at the gym. What is the best, non-creepy way to approach them? Bro: The gym is probably...

Finger Party

Too many rings? I think not. You’re not doing it right until you can no longer bend your fingers. You’re just that committed to your bling.

Meet Campus Cutie: Nicholas Kind

Name: Nicholas Kind Year: Junior Hometown: Louisville, KY Major: Accounting Relationship Status: Taken by one of our very own HC staff...

Meet Campus Celebrity: Antonio Liga

One of 10 student managers for the Illinois football team, senior Antonio Liga has spent his past four falls in Champaign-Urbana balancing...

I’m Blue

Stand out from the LBD wearing crowd with a fun and flowy turquoise dress.


Pearls never go out of style, end of discussion.

First Edition: Ask a Bro Advice Column

Have a boy question, but are too afraid to ask them? Send your question in to alliegold@hercampus.com to have it answered. HC: How many...