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First Edition: Ask a Bro Advice Column

Have a boy question, but are too afraid to ask them? Send your question in to [email protected] to have it answered.


HC: How many times can I text him before it’s creepy?

Bro: Three. A double text really isn’t as big of a deal as people may make it seem. If you text a guy something like “Are you going out tonight?” in the middle of the afternoon, it’s okay to send maybe a question mark later. As a guy, I can tell you that I sometimes see a text from a girl that I like and still don’t respond right away. That second text is just a reminder. After that, he’s probably just completely choosing not to answer. I’ve woken up from a night out with 6 texts from a girl. It definitely got creepy at 3. 

HC: Why doesn’t my boyfriend want to have sex as much as I do?

Bro: Some guys, although few and far between, aren’t in constant want of sex (or so I’ve heard). He may just express his affection for you in other ways. I understand that him not always being in the mood can be frustrating, but it’s probably just how he is. You shouldn’t doubt your own attractiveness. 

HC: What’s the perfect first text to say to a guy that’s interested?

Bro: “Hey, if you’re free later, we should hang out.” Disclaimer, this should be sent around like 1 p.m. People are mostly done with class at that point, and it lets him know you’re interested, but because of the time it’s still ambiguous. Depending on how he responds and what you want, you can suggest a later day hangout or to meet up later at night. Either way, there are a very few guys that won’t be intrigued by that text. 

HC: What bar should we be going to look for guys at?

Bro: If you’re looking for a frat star to hook up with and have limited emotional interaction with, there’s really only one place on this campus to go: the one and only Red Lion. The dim lighting and blaring music doesn’t exactly lend itself to two people genuinely wanting to get to know each other. 

If you’re looking for an older man and a break from the Greek scene, then you should check out Firehaus or Brother’s. If you want to go foreign, you have to go to Cly’s and look for that guy that used to be captain of his football (soccer) team back across the pond. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, go to Joe’s. All types of guys wander through there on a busy night.

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