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Intern Diaries: New York Fashion Week

Happy February, collegiettes! For some of us, this month means paper hearts and lots of chocolate, for others a quart of Ben & Jerry’s...

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African Fashion On The Rise

Generally when we think of fashion we think of destinations like Paris, Japan, or New York. But is it far fetched to think of Africa as a...

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Dress for Success

We all struggle with the question day in and day out of, “What do I wear today?” and this question becomes increasingly difficult when you...

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Who Would Want Daggers for Nails?

Pick up any magazine this season and you’ll see stars like Rihanna , Adele , Lady Gaga and Beyonce sporting nails as pointy as their heels...

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Fashion Trendsetter: Lara Witt

Lara Witt is petite in stature, but she more than makes up for it in swagger . The way she struts around campus is comparable to a...