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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Exeter chapter.


We are constantly bombarded with advertising promising us miracle beauty treatments and products that will turn back time, but which ones are really worth it? The new craze for beauty creams started with the ‘blemish balm’ or more commonly known as the ‘BB’ cream, and this trend has spiralled further to include CC and even DD creams. To stop the confusion, let HCX take you through the benefits of using this alphabet phenomenon, and show you the best products on the market.


BB Creams

Blemish balms (BB) are where it all started and with high-street brands such as Maybelline and L’Oreal offering BB products, they are flying off the shelves. The cream isn’t just about smoothing out the blemishes on your skin, as the name suggests, but it also acts as a primer, moisturiser and many even have SPF in it to protect your skin from harmful rays. Like most of these creams, it’s more of a tinted moisturiser than a foundation, so it’s much better for your skin. We recommend Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream as it’s light on your skin and at £7.99 won’t break the student budget.




CC Creams

Next up is the CC cream, otherwise known as ‘Colour-Correcting’ cream, which, although has the same consistency as a BB cream, targets a different area of your skin. The cream works to eliminate any pigmentation or redness to promote an even complexion and achieve a radiant look. It’s also perfect for if you have any darker spots in your skin tone, such as under the eyes, as it helps to reduce their appearance. Some say the CC cream gives a higher level of coverage, and perhaps this explains the rise in the price, but Her Campus still feels as though it is a worthwhile buy. If you have the money, we would suggest getting the Olay Regenerist CC Cream as it has had excellent customer reviews. 





Is the future in DD Creams?

Having read about BB and CC creams being tried and tested by many beauty bloggers and getting excellent reviews, many of the  Her Campus girls have incorporated this into our daily make-up routine. However, we are always looking for the next big thing and this could be the arrival of the DD cream. The ‘Dynamic Do-All’ cream comprises anti-ageing ingredients, as well as the benefits that BB and CC creams offer such as SPF and great coverage to provide an all-round excellent product to cover all skincare problems. Currently, there is only one product in the UK market coming from Julep, who are well-known for their nail varnishes, but we expect to see a lot more being introduced, as its’ popularity climbs. 




Olivia Wilkerson is a third year Business Economics student and is very excited to take up her role as Fashion and Beauty Deputy Editor of Her Campus Exeter this year! Alongside her degree, she loves catching up with the latest trends by reading numerous magazines and blogs and uses this as inspiration for her own fashion and fitness blog which she has recently started. Fitness is important to her, so you may see her down the local gym working a sweat or at the local health food store (there's a great one on Well Street!) buying lots of lovely treats!This summer, Olivia will be going to the South of France to relax and scout out the St Tropez style icons as well as braving the potentially incredibly muddy fields of Glastonbury! As she is studying Spanish as part of her degree, she is also aiming to undertake an intensive course in Barcelona for a week, before returning to Exeter to study hard for third year! She hopes that working for Her Campus Exeter will allow her to meet lots of wonderful like-minded girls and to further develop HCX to make it the best it can be.