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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.


Pick up any magazine this season and you’ll see stars like Rihanna, Adele, Lady Gaga and Beyonce sporting nails as pointy as their heels. These nails, aptly named Stiletto Nails, have captivated stars and young women alike.

            Short, long, nude, mint, dipped in jewels, or airbrushed, these nails have been popping up everywhere as little masterpieces on each finger. They may dazzle or shine but stiletto nails have become the artistic canvas upon which girls can match their outfits with, express their personality, or even just look bad*ss.

            Not every trend is followed to the tee, nor does ever trend have a thousand fans. Now, when you see the stiletto nails, you either have one of two reactions: “They are so cute!” or “Why would you even want nails like that, they look like witches’ nails.” It seems that the nation is slightly divided on this trend.

Cara Anderson, a Temple University sophomore, is a fan of the stiletto nails but still has some reservations.

“I really like the stiletto nails but they’re hard to maintain because the shape is physically weaker than a rounded or square nail,” she said.

            The nails are quite precarious looking, one wrong action and the tip of them could break clean off, ruining the entire look of the nail…not to mention, your day. So it seems that the only safe way to guarantee your nails won’t break off when opening a box is to get them put on as acrylic nails, but most girls are concerned with acrylics because they are known to completely ruin your nail bed. The dilemma that comes right along with the stiletto nail is whether or not the look is worth the damage.

            Most girls around campus have said they think stiletto nails are so popular right now because, “they look so dangerous and sexy.”  But as mentioned in the Huffington Post’s article, “Rihanna and Lady Gaga Wear Stiletto Nails, So Why Can’t We,”  most men and women are a little scared these “claws” can seriously hurt someone or even yourself. Long nails have always posed difficulties to women today, but add in the narrow point and you’ve got a recipe for eye pokes, slow texting, and even the hindrance of every day actions.

            It is important to note, the stiletto nail is what is hot right now, but the that’s the thing; it is hot now. There will come a day where the regular square tip, French manicure is back in style and then back to circular tips. Nails trends are always changing and they’re changing fast. Stars are all caught up in the trend making it seem more desirable to the average young woman. I mean, even I have fallen victim to the sharp pierce in my heart by the stiletto nails. 


Jaimee Swift is a Senior majoring in Communications. One of her many dreams is to become a broadcast journalist and to meet and work with the infamous Anderson Cooper. Her hobbies include reading everything in sight, running, dancing crazily, laughing uber hard, watching movies, and consuming as much juice as possible. Jaimee is so overjoyed to be a part of such a magnificent site such as Her Campus Temple University. Ever since the days of her youth, she has strives to make a difference and bring positive change to all that she touches. She still holds on to that mindset and hopes to bring positivity and creativity to Her Campus Temple University!