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Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

With the Thanksgiving season rapidly upon us, it’s natural to start thinking about Thanksgiving dinner. But, what you may not be thinking...

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Anna Freuler, Campus Style

Meet Anna! She has a closet ranging from t-shirts, to the absolute cutest dresses you could find!

Black Framed Sunglasses Near Go Pro Sports Cam
Graduation Dresses

Excitement, fear, happiness, and nostalgia fill the air as graduation is almost a month away. Whether you’re the one up for graduation, or...

Formal Season

Formal season: when Miami University sororities and fraternities get dressed up and dance the night away with all of their friends. The...

How To Not Look Homeless: Winter Edition

It’s going to get cold. Eventually. Or at least I hope. It’s mid-December and there isn’t snow on the ground, and it’s killing the Holiday...

woman standing beside fence
Let Me Introduce You To The Midi Skirt

Hi, my name is Sam, and I'm obsessed with midi skirts. It's kind of a problem. These pieces (the hems of which hit about halfway between...