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How To Not Look Homeless: Winter Edition

It’s going to get cold. Eventually. Or at least I hope. It’s mid-December and there isn’t snow on the ground, and it’s killing the Holiday spirit inside of me. But I’m sure that there will be a New England storm coming soon and you need to be prepared. Usually people look like they’re wearing every coat possible when they’re going out (a-la Ron Swanson) in the wintertime. I’ve made an easy guide for you to still look cute without freezing before getting to the nearest building.



I said this before (How to look cute during the fall) and I’ll say it a million times, layers are your friend. Throwing a cute sweater over the ugly thermal shirt your mom got you in the 8th grade will keep you warm and looking cute. Nobody can see the thermal shirt and you’re not freezing!

A cute jacket

There is such thing as a cute jacket, the North Face has some really basic ones and Patagonia has similar styles but in much more exciting colors, that way your friends can still find you in your neon jacket when the snow is over your head.

Matching hats & Gloves & Scarf

Any New Englander knows that if you want to keep your fingers/ears in the wintertime then gloves and a hat are a must. You can find a lot of really cute matching pairs online, or if you want to support a good cause you can get a really cute Love Your Melon beanie online! (Make sure to click on “Bentley” as your school during checkout!!)

Ear muffs a-la Scream Queens

Maybe you’re more of a Chanel and then you’ll need fur earmuffs. There are a bunch of affordable ones (it’s not a secret that college kids are all broke) that you can find, and high quality ones if you’re really that obsessed with them. Let’s be honest for a second though, who wouldn’t want to dress like Chanel Number 3?


Do your hair

I know it sounds stupid but getting up 15 minutes earlier in the morning to do your hair really does make a big difference in the winter. With everyone all bundled up in their coats trying to keep warm, there’s a lot of attention on your face and head (since it’s the only thing anyone can see) and thus doing your hair in the morning is pretty essential on days where you have class with that one guy you tell your friends you’re over but really not. Cosmo has a really great article of easy hairstyles for you do to that will look super cute.

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It gets dry in the winter, and I don’t know about you but my skin gets dried out SO fast and that makes applying makeup that much harder. For me I use Coconut Oil as a moisturizer because I have very sensitive skin and the natural oils don’t bother my face. Another good option is LUSH’s moisturizers as they are also made without a lot of chemicals and so don’t put unnecessary chemicals on your face, which can lead to breakouts.


There are going to be days where it’s a guarantee that you’re going to look like you just rolled out of bed (you probably did but no judgement here, we’ve all done it too), but hopefully these tips gave you at least a starting point for looking like you tried in the morning without actually needing to put in too much effort.

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