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Her Campus at Duke The Real Enemy

As we move into the hotter months of LDOC, darties, and Cochella; I want to remind everyone of the real enemy. Pollen. Yes, that...

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5 Tips for Darty Season

The weather has finally reached above 50 degrees here at UMaine, which only means one thing…darty season is upon us!!! So here are five...

people in water with ice
How to Finish the Semester Strong

It’s official black bears; we only have six full weeks of classes left until summer (and only 41 days left until Maine Day… but who’s...

people in water with ice
7 Reasons Why Spring Semester Rocks!

After the long, cold, dark months of winter, filled with finals and unshaven legs, it's finally starting to feel like spring. Here are some...

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5 Things to Look Forward to in SPRING!

Winter quarter is ROUGH - and with only 2 weeks left, papers are piling up, exams are looming, and the weather is still dreary. The good...