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5 Things to Look Forward to in SPRING!

Winter quarter is ROUGH – and with only 2 weeks left, papers are piling up, exams are looming, and the weather is still dreary. The good news? Spring quarter – arguably the best quarter on campus – starts so soon! To help yourself push through finals – here are five things to look forward to coming up on your forecast (along with warmer weather, of course): 

1. Being able to actually walk outside


The ultimate feeling of freedom? Not having to put on a coat that goes down to your knees and wrap your head in a scarf that covers your entire face.  

2. Finally putting away that puffy coat that takes up waaaaay too much room in your closet

Tuck it away under your bed (like really…push it all the way to the back) and say goodbye till at least November 2016 (maybe we’ll be #blessed with another warm fall this year?)

3. Darties

Major key alert: sunshine + friends + good music = happiness. 

4. Picnics on the beach or lakefill

Is there anything better than eating outside? When it was abnormally warm last weekend, my friend and I decided to bring our lunches to the beach and chill out for the afternoon! I can’t wait for many more of those days this spring. 

5. A new start

Winter quarter is super busy with club meetings, hard classes, and the inevitability of staying inside way too often. Lets all put our best foot forward and make spring quarter bright!

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