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Thoughts/Questions Every UMaine Student Has at the End of the Year

As the school year winds down, the schoolwork piles up, professors start talking about finals, the weather gets nicer and darty szn begins. The end of the year is stressful, but also relieving because you know summer is on its way. This list of thoughts about the end of the year is familiar to many UMaine students!

  1. This year went by SO fast!

  2. Okay, I got this! Don’t give up, only a few weeks left.

  3. Can it be summer already?

  4. Ugh, I shouldn’t have taken this class.

  5. Skipping my classes today so I can darty.

  6. I really hope my professor offers some extra credit.

  7. I have no motivation to do ANYTHING.

  8. Why can’t Orono always be sunny and warm?

  9. TOO many potholes!

  10. I’m gonna miss OHOP over the summer.

  11. 60 degrees outside? T-shirt weather!

  12. Thank God I’m almost done with my classes.

  13. I’ll going to miss all my friends.

  14. This tour group has no idea what college is really like.

  15. I’m so broke! Where did all of my money go?

  16. I hope I can get rid of my lease…

  17. How am I going to get all my stuff in dorm/apartment back home?

  18. Where am I gonna live next year?

  19. Can we just skip to Maine Day?

  20. ……can’t wait to be back in the fall!

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Monica is a second year Communication major. She's looking into minoring in Business Marketing. She's from Freeport, Maine. She loves going to new places, the beach and hanging out with friends.
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