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As we move into the hotter months of LDOC, darties, and Cochella; I want to remind everyone of the real enemy. Pollen. Yes, that inconspicuous killer dust that covers everything for at least 3 months straight.

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Just in the past few days, I have taken 3 doses of Dayquil, 3 nasal decongestants, and a Claritin D. I have visited 4 drugstores, gone through 2 boxes of tissues, and sneezed about a bajillion times. Even as I write this, I am nursing a cup of tea with a 50 count box of tissues by my side.

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Believe it or not, when I was younger my allergies were worse. My eyes used to swell up like golf balls and itch like a new strand of poison ivy. Back in the day, I even missed school a few times because my eyes were almost swollen shut. It wasn’t until the 6th grade on an end of the year trip to, coincidently, a camp site in North Carolina, when my allergies seemed to disappear. Coming back home, my family just chalked it up to sensory overload, as there was nothing but grass and trees for miles.

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Now, almost 10 years later, my allergies are back right in the state they once left me. If you have ever been to Duke, you know that it is legitimately in the middle of the woods. -__- And looking back, I should have known when moving to this gothic wonderland, that my eyes and nose were going to take a beating for what seems like the longest few weeks of the year.

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To an extent, I thought being from Atlanta would prepare me for all of this foliage, but my past experience has proven useless. My allergies are back in full swing and breathing out my nose is definitely not an option. As the school year rounds out, I am now stuck indoors, contemplating life and hoping for rain. But don’t worry about me, the cold weather will soon be back, and along with it, my ability to live freely once more!

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