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7 Reasons Why Spring Semester Rocks!

After the long, cold, dark months of winter, filled with finals and unshaven legs, it’s finally starting to feel like spring. Here are some reasons why we should celebrate spring semester! 

1. Darties

It is basically impossible not to love darties. How can you not be happy when you’re decked out in your favorite sundress and showing off your new sunnies? Darties give us the perfect opportunity for that Insta-worthy photo, as well as plenty of time for us to socialize with our friends outside of a dark, loud frat basement.

2. Spring Scenery

Though a lot of people are biased towards fall for the colorful changing leaves, spring is definitely the best! The combination of blooming flowers and bright green leaves sprouting on bare branches can improve anyone’s mood!


3. Wardrobe Change

There’s nothing better than being able to show off the spring break bod you’ve been working so hard for. It also just feels so good to finally ditch those dark, restricting skinny jeans and replace them with the colorful and flowy fashions of spring!

4. Spring Break

One of the best parts about spring semester is knowing that you have a whole week of no school to look forward to. Whether it’s fun in the sun or shredding the slopes, you can’t help but smile knowing that there will be an entire week where you get to sleep in! It’s like a small preview of summer, and that can’t do anything but bring excitement. 

5. Windless (Warmer) Weeks

It’s a universal fact that unless you’re a sailor, hang glider, or a wind turbin, wind is not your friend. It ruins the hair-do you just spent hours working on, spreads the essay papers you just finished across the street, and makes your eyes water to the point where everyone asks if you are crying… Thankfully, spring offers a break from the chilly winter winds!

6. Beach Weekends

Whether its a family trip over Easter or a fun weekend with your favorite fraternity, beach weekend can be one of the best weekends of the year. You’re surrounded by your favorite people with no responsibilities aside from making plans for the night. Next to spring break, these weekends are by far the best of the semester! 

7. Friendly Reunions

Because fall semester is normally the most popular semester for students to study abroad, spring semester brings both reunions and new friends. Hearing their stories and catching up on each other’s lives helps make school feel like home again.
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Jenny Wilson

Wake Forest

Jenny Wilson is a sophomore at Wake Forest pursuing a double major in English and Communication. Check out her vsco: http://vsco.co/jwil2895/grid/1
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