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Weekends when BC is Dead

As much as we all love BC, it’s not FSU or Penn State. We don’t have a Greek row guaranteeing a consistent supply of beer and bad decisions...

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10 Best Traditions at BC

Boston College is a school with a wide variety of clubs, campus activities, and classes, but most importantly, it has a wide variety of...

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Cheap, Fun Ideas For Boston Excursions

Boston is amazing college city, but let’s be honest, going out into Boston is not a cheap excursion. With all of us on a tight college...

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Trend Tribe Recap and BC Promo Code!

This past Thursday, Samantha Cooper, founder of Trend Tribe, visited Boston College and spoke about her jewelry company! Samantha’s talk...

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boohoo Recap

Our event with boohoo took place on Friday on April 17 Th. It was one of several Her Campus BC events that took place this past weekend...

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Own it!

" With Nicole DeBlois Greene at Own It!"