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Cheap, Fun Ideas For Boston Excursions

Boston is amazing college city, but let’s be honest, going out into Boston is not a cheap excursion. With all of us on a tight college budget, finding something that’s both fun yet won’t break the bank is the million-dollar question. Here are a few ideas for a cute date night or girls night out that won’t leave your bank account empty by the end of the night:

  • Wander around Faneuli Hall and Quincy Market! There are always tons of street performers, great food carts, and plenty of shops to check out (window shopping is highly encouraged!)
  • Go to the Museum of Fine Arts (free on Wednesday evenings) or the Institute of Contemporary Art (free on Thursday evenings) and enjoy the incredible display of talent and hard work.
  • Visit the Taza Chocolate Factory, where everything is made in-store and organically. For $6, we can sample all the chocolate and watch how it’s made. Bonus: $1 of each purchase goes to charity. Eating chocolate for cheap and for a good cause?! It’s almost too good to be true.
  • For 21 and over, the Samuel Adams Brewery Tour is free, but a donation to a local charity is encouraged. Your guy will love this one.
  • Each Wednesday night, the BU Observatory is free and open to the public. Stargazing in a city is very hard to do and this makes it so much easier!

  • Go ice skating once the Boston Common Frog Pond opens! Admission is $5 and seeing the beautiful city covered in a dusting of snow is priceless.
  • Explore the HarborWalk! Enjoy the sights of the harbor, walk with a date, and explore all the piers, wharves, and shoreline the city has to offer!

Getting out of the BC Bubble can be hard sometimes with all that Chestnut Hill and Cleveland Circle have to offer, but getting out into Boston doesn’t have to be expensive! These ideas will create great memories and make you realize what an incredible home Boston truly is.










Diana is a freshman at BC this year majoring in biology on a pre-med track. In her limited free time she enjoys running the res, finding the best fro-yo places around, and spending time with the awesome people she's met!
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