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8 Things to Look Forward to at BC After Spring Break

Even a week before spring break we are getting a tease of the nice weather to come in the upcoming months. 68 degrees in February in Boston? We’ll take it, because at this point, we are all ready for spring weather. Here’s a list of things to look forward to when we return to BC after break:


1.) Warm weather – there’s nothing better than spending the break you have between classes laying out in the quad or eating the delicious Hillside sandwich you got for lunch on the outdoor picnic tables.



2.) St. Patrick’s Day – another holiday to celebrate at BC is definitely something to look forward to. The St. Patty’s Day parties are something you won’t want to miss at BC.


3.) Easter Weekend – Whether you are going home for Easter, staying on campus, or staying with a friend, Easter Weekend is a nice holiday to celebrate with family or friends, and we get a nice long weekend.


4.) Marathon Monday – This one speaks for itself. Marathon Monday is The. Best. Day. Of. The. Year. at BC.




5.) Dartying – Saturday’s now have a new name for themselves. Especially with the weather turning, dartying is going to be the best yet during these coming months. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon then spending the day outside having a great time with your friends off campus?


6.) White Mountain – although most of us couldn’t stay away from White Mountain even when it was 30 degrees and snowing, the warm weather now justifies our cravings for ice cream, and makes it more enjoyable.



7.) New Gasson Grams – Gasson is always photogenic no matter the time of the year, but we have all exhausted the snow-covered Gasson Instagrams. With the trees re-gaining their leaves and the landscapers planting flowers around campus, Gasson grams are about to get really artsy.



8.) Runs around the Res – if you’re sick of the plex like I am, we all know it’s only going to get more hot as the temperature rises around campus. Having the Res is often taken for granted, but it’s an easy way to spend time outside while also getting a workout in.
















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