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Weekends when BC is Dead

As much as we all love BC, it’s not FSU or Penn State.  We don’t have a Greek row guaranteeing a consistent supply of beer and bad decisions.  Sometimes, for whatever reason, BC is dead on the weekends.  Before resorting to another grimy Walsh party, take advantage of everything Boston has to offer.


1. Search online for local events

Especially closer to Christmastime, Boston has plenty of activities and festivals to attend.  Go ice skating at Frog Pond in Boston Common, see the tree lighting at Faneuil Hall, or just walk around Beacon Hill and soak up the brownstone Christmas aesthetic.

2. Dinner in the North End

Boston is full of amazing restaurants and nightlife.  The North End has countless restaurants for every budget, and is incredibly close to the harbor, the aquarium, and other touristy spots.  Actually venture out of the BC bubble and get some pasta.  Bonus points: It’s not Mac.



3. Your room

As a freshman, spending a Friday night in your room felt like social suicide.  As a sophomore, spending the night in your room is a treat.  You don’t have to get dressed up, you don’t have to pay for an uber, and you don’t have to walk back to your room in 20 degree weather.  Invite some friends over, open a bottle of wine, put on a cringe worthy-but-still-good movie, and enjoy.


4. Study

I’m honestly not kidding. Spending one night in doing homework instead of spending $50 on uber trips will not kill you. It is also guaranteed to make your life a billion times better for the next week.  Save yourself the stress and just spend the night in.


5. Felipe’s Taqueria in Cambridge

Because midnight nachos are never a bad idea.


Have a Good Weekend!!













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