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10 Best Traditions at BC

Boston College is a school with a wide variety of clubs, campus activities, and classes, but most importantly, it has a wide variety of traditions.  Here are some of the best ones to participate in before your commencement day:


1. Marathon Monday

Buying overpriced t-shirts, cheering on those way more physically fit than you, and chugging down a few warm Natties, who could possibly pass up on this annual holiday?  Whether you’re getting plastered in the Mods or on Foster, you must christen yourself with this tradition at least once prior to graduation.  Don’t forget to take that afternoon nap!


2. Tailgating

Cut your shirt, paint your face, and walk to Brighton for the only reason people ever go there.  It’s tailgate season, and your roommate’s brother’s girlfriend’s cousin said it’s totally fine if you and your friends stop by.  How could you possibly pass up such a prime Insta opportunity!  Don’t forget to at least try to make it to the game!

3. Showdown

Maybe I’m biased, but this is by far one of the better traditions at BC.  It’s a performance dance teams work the entire year on just to wow their fellow peers.  Whether you’re on a team, or just there to watch, make sure to take in every bit of hard work these kids put forward.  If it leaves you wanting to join a dance team afterwards, it’s done its job for the year.  

4. Superfan Shirts

While the love and appreciation of these shirts has declined over the past few years, I still find it to be one of the more crucial traditions at BC.  I’d been waiting to get my superfan shirt for 7 years when it was finally handed to me at orientation.  As the one thing every single member of a class can have in common, I find it to be a key aspect in creating that initial community of BC.  And let’s face it, we all think our class motto is the best.  

5. Red Bandana Run

We know you partied until 4am the night before.  And we know you haven’t run since high school track season.  But try at least once in your 4 years to participate in this run.  It preserves an important memory and reminds each student of the power of being men and women for others.  If you can’t run, at least walk.  Don’t forget your red bandana!

6. Bean Pot

The one time a year BC students can all agree to use the B line purely so BU kids cannot.  We’re obnoxious and we love hockey, what can we say, we go to BC.  So get out of the BC bubble to go support your favorite team.  Hopefully at the end we get to claim we’re the best team in Boston.  


7. Gasson Grams

As one of the most Instagrammed buildings in America, it is our responsibility to uphold the level of Gasson Grams posted each year.  Sure you’ve never actually had a class in it.  That doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the tradition.  Make sure to get that lighting right!

8. Strip Mod

Started in the late 90s, this mod has been passed through generations of wannabe strippers.  And we, the student body, get to judge their skills with each new year.  Currently located at 27A and 27B, make sure to see at least one of their shows each year!


9. The Housing Lottery

I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t this the bane of every eagles existence?”  Yes, yes it is.  It invokes fights, anxiety, and the potential loss of friendships.  It can make or break your sophomore year.  But it’s an experience.  And you grow from it no matter what the outcome.  You get to bond with your fellow classmates on the pain an agony it has brought you.  You get to scare next year’s freshman with your’s or other’s horror stories.  Just breath, it’ll be over soon.


10. Making Fun of Father Leahy’s Grass

It happens every year.  Time for BC to waste your tuition dollars.  They punch ugly holes into every green space on campus, making it disgusting to sit on.  Then they rip up the perfectly fine grass only to have fields of dirt for a few days.  Somehow these ugly few days are worth the beautiful new grass that gets put in.  The grass that looks just like it did before.  And we, the fine, supportive student body, post memes and snarky comments throughout our social media on the ordeal.  We just don’t get it.  Maybe Leahy does?


There you have it.  Some of the best traditions BC has to offer.  Some are optional, some are mandatory.  Not matter the case, I suggest partaking in each at least once before you’re forced to leave.  



















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