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8 Halloween Costumes For Redheads

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It’s no secret that the biggest beauty trend this fall is copper red hair (AKA PSL hair), with influencers and celebs like Lily James, Zendaya, Kendall Jenner, Shay Mitchell, and Lourdes Leon all rocking a red hue on their locks. On campus, college students are buying boxes of red hair dye to try DIYing the look in their dorm rooms. TBH, coming from a natural redhead, it’s about time our genetic mutation’s beauty was appreciated! And since your favorite Halloween festivities are quickly approaching — including the best thriller movies to stream with your roomies, spooky nail art trends to test out, and new Halloween anthems to blast on your speakers— it’s time to start looking for the perfect Halloween costume. 

For those of you who’ve been relentlessly searching online for a costume to match your fiery strands, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re sporting a wine-red hue, a nice copper-tone mane, or an auburn-tinted shade, check out this list of eight Halloween costume ideas for redheads to look hot hot hot this Halloween! From Disney heroines who sing their hearts out all the way to teen comedy stars of the mid-2000s, you just might want to try to wear all of these costumes this year.

Cady Heron

Starting our list off strong is Mean Girls’ Cady Heron (Lindsey Lohan)! You should totally go as Cady this Halloween and rock the iconic two-toned dress that she wore when she hosted her first high school party (yes, the one where she puked on her crush, Aaron Samuels). But no matter what happened at the party, there’s no denying that Cady looked amazing in her first *official* mean-girl outfit, and you will too.


The new Enchanted sequel, Disenchanted, makes it the perfect time for you to pull off your best Giselle-inspired costume for Halloween. To recreate this look, consider snagging a handmade replica on Etsy, or find a blue princess-like dress from your local thrift store! To make this a couple costume, have your partner put on a simple black blazer, a tie, and their best Patrick Dempsey impression. 

Jessica Rabbit

Calling all cartoon lovers! This sexy costume is perfect for the more orange-toned gingers out there. To get the Jessica Rabbit costume, try this red sequined gown on Etsy. Or, you can grab a red dress from your closet, local thrift store, from a friend  — whatever makes you feel confident! Pair the dress with a set of purple gloves and glamorous makeup (a smokey eye and red lip combo will do) to finish off the look!


Handmade both of these costumes jsjs

♬ Hercules: Zero To Hero – Geek Music

If you’re looking for an ethereal, goddess-like costume, Megara from Hercules is the perfect option for you. To make this popular costume yourself, take cues from @sierrabrave on TikTok and layer your favorite purple pieces! If DIYing just isn’t your thing, there are plenty of options online. Don’t forget to check your favorite secondhand stores for similar dresses, too!


This adorable cartoon Disney character from Goofy Movie can easily be recreated with a few simple pieces. Find a cute teal mini tee and pair it with your favorite dark wash Bermuda shorts. Make your hair as voluminous as possible with volumizing spray and a blowout brush to achieve Roxanne’s gorgeous mane! This can easily be turned into a couple costume if your partner wears a red short-sleeved hoodie, light wash jeans, and a pair of white gloves!

Halle Bailey as Ariel in the Little Mermaid

Following the release of  The Little Mermaid starring Halle Bailey, Ariel-inspired costumes are sure to be a hit this Halloween season. To create the look of the mermaid’s tail, wear any fun green skirt — just make sure it’s flashy and sparkly! For the top, you can make a seashell-like bra yourself from a purple scarf, or grab this realistic one on Etsy!

Ginger Spice

One of the most memorable fashion moments of the ‘90s occurred when Ginger Spice wore a bedazzled Union Jack dress onstage at the 1997 BRIT Awards alongside her bandmates (The Spice Girls, obvi). Geri Horner was the highlight of the evening, and you will be too in this U.K. flag-adorned mini dress. Don’t forget the white gogo boots to match, and if you really want to go all out, add a face-framing money piece! No British accent required, loves.  

Olive Penderghast

I wore this costume last Halloween (it’s an amazing last-minute choice, besties), and recreating this iconic Emma Stone character from Easy A was… well, easy! Just throw on your favorite black corset, pearl necklace, and skin-tight black pants. To make the ‘A’ yourself, grab some red fabric (felt was my choice), trace and cut out the letter, and pin it on your corset. Add some curls to your ginger locks and there you have it — your new favorite DIY costume!

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