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20 Catchy Outfit Combo Ideas For The “Boots & A Slick Back Bun” TikTok Trend

If you’ve been on TikTok at all recently, you’ve likely seen what has been dubbed the “boots and a slick back bun” trend. Basically, the trend involves a group of people in a circle, and then someone goes in the middle and a catchy song is made up to describe parts of their outfit (such as the combo that started it all, boots and a slick back bun). It’s sung by the group a couple of times while the one in the spotlight does a sassy dance move, and then everyone moves on to the next person. It’s absolutely hilarious and surprisingly pure for the app (which is known for its drama!), and the songs are seriously so catchy.

Of course, it all started with the video posted by @maisieisobel_ featuring the aforementioned boots and a slick back bun (which is a top tier combo, btw), but it has since evolved to all sorts of outfit details, including one of my personal favorites, “sambas and a little red bag,” of course referring to the super popular summer shoe, the Adidas Sambas. There is a certain rhythm to the song (it’s hard to describe but will make sense if you watch any of the videos) that makes it easier for the first item to be just one word, and the second to be more descriptive or use more words. You could easily sing the song to describe any outfit you’re wearing, even just a lounge day outfit (“sweats and a little tank top”). 

But if you’re looking for some easy ways to do this trend, I’ve compiled a bunch of ideas — feel free to steal them for a TikTok of your own!


Boots and a slick back bun @Ellie Lord @Amelia Gregorian bootsandaslickbackbun girlhood cowboybootsandablowie sambasandalittleredbag

♬ Boots and a slick back bun – maisieisobel_

Nose ring and a little plaid skirt 

It’s giving the bad girl at school.

Cargos and a black tube top 

Very 2000s chic.

Flats and a pink mini dress 

Love a good brunch look.

Bandana and a cowboy hat

If you’re going to a festival.

Clogs and long overalls

OK, garden girl aesthetic

Sundress and a floppy hat

Vacation vibes.

Hoops and little sunglasses 

So mysterious.

Army pants and cute flip flops

Regina George, is that you?

Fringe and a rainbow coat


Frat tank and a messy bun

For the morning after.

Stilettos and a sequin dress

Oh she’s going out out.


choose your fighter (inspired by @maisieisobel_) #bootsandaslickbackbun

♬ original sound – Abby & Tyrone

Bangles and a Brat green fit

You’re so Julia.

Sweats and ankle socks

Athleisure will never be out of style.

Watch and a button-down

When you’re in your professional era.

Sweater and a Stanley cup

For those days at the library.

Romper and a high-waisted belt

So put-together!

Bows and a corset dress

For the coquette aesthetic lovers.

Blouse and boxers shorts

Very on trend!

Swimsuit and SPF 100

Stay sun-safe out there!

Apron and legwarmers

IDK what this outfit would be for, but you do you!

Maia Hull

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Maia is a second year microbiology and immunology major and mathematics minor from San Diego, CA. She loves to read and write, snowboard, go swimming, and hang out with friends, as well as the occasional shopping spree.