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I Researched Clinton Kane & Debunked All Of The Lies, So You Didn’t Have To

It just feels like every TikTok is literally out for each other lately. From the Hype House wedding controversy to the Jack Wright and Tana Mongeau feud, Cancel Culture is on fire this summer. And the cancel party continues as Brooke Schofield gave her ex, Clinton Kane, a serious reality check in a whopping 14-part TikTok series. As the cohost of the Cancelled podcast, she didn’t hold back in responding to his subtle jab on Tuesday, June 25, and let’s just say, I absolutely don’t know who to believe anymore. Schofield isn’t just riding the Cancel Culture wave — she’s steering it full throttle.

Alright, so what’s the deal with Schofield and Kane? The drama unfolded when singer-songwriter Kane dropped a cryptic TikTok that seemed to hint at Schofield, who had already come out about their past relationship on the DADDYLAND podcast back on Nov 27, 2023. “When you’ve been over the relationship for 2 years but she won’t stop yapping,” Kane wrote in his video, alongside his caption that read, “anywaysss this song come out this friday.” In response to the jab, Schofield wasn’t about to stay silent. “He said, ‘She can’t stop yapping,’” Schofield began. “I’m like, ‘I will show you yapping,” she quipped in one clip.


anywaysss this song comes out this friday❤️

♬ original sound – clintonkane

So, Schofield just dropped 14 TikToks spilling all the tea on her ex and their rollercoaster of a relationship. She didn’t hold back, accusing him of cheating and spinning lies about everything from his age to his hometown and even claiming his family was gone — seriously shady stuff. Because of this, I researched Clinton Kane to debunk all of the lies, so you didn’t have to. Here’s the breakdown of a couple of things that Kane fibbed about versus the real deal.

Where is Clinton Kane really from?

While Kane claims that he was originally from Perth, Australia, did you know that in a 2018 interview with Rolling Stone Australia, it was disclosed that Kane’s upbringing was a whirlwind of influences? Since his mother was a Pentecostal pastor, Kane spent his childhood traveling across diverse locales like Brunei, England, Greece, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Perth. Despite this global journey, Kane has become known for his unmistakable Australian accent.

Schofield, who was close to him during that time, noted how his accent mysteriously seemed to “disappear” when they were together. And fellow users are backing Schofield up. “I went to school w/ Clinton and I know for a fact that he grew up in Brunei,” YouTube user @gira3804 commented on Zach Sang‘s interview with Kane. “We went to a school called Seri Mulia Sarjana for both our primary and secondary education.” So, where did this Australian accent suddenly come from? Who knows! But according to that comment, and to Schofield, Clinton Kane is from Brunei — not Perth.

Did Clinton Kane’s family die in 2020?

Think again! Schofield was absolutely stunned when he first confided that his parents and brother had all passed away in 2020 and how he had to attend all their funerals on Zoom during Covid. However, there were never any funerals for his mom or brother. He kept changing his story about how his mother passed away — once saying she fell down the stairs, another time claiming they had to pull the plug when she was in a coma.

But the truth unraveled later in the TikTok saga. “He finally admitted that he did, in fact, fake the death of his mom and his brother,” she said in one of the later 14 TikToks. “His dad is dead, not that that’s a good thing. But there’s one out of three that are dead and the rest are still kicking.”

In the first part, Schofield captioned her post, “The rage bait is working please stream this song all proceeds go to his mom.” It’s clear how sour Kane made Schofield, but her “cancelification” of him turned into something unexpectedly humorous. “Apparently his new song comes out on Friday and the man will do anything to get a stream,” she concluded. “So honestly, you guys, do him a service, he needs money for therapy. And if you take nothing else away from the story, then just know that treating underlying mental health conditions is very important, because had I known what was wrong with me — I would’ve never gone near that man to begin with.”

Who is Clinton Kane’s family?

Kane’s family life might seem a bit messy, and that’s because it is. It’s full of unexpected twists (and lies). Originally, Kane told Schofield that his mother was Norwegian and blonde, but then Brooke revealed that she’s actually Asian. Apparently, Kane claimed his mom would disappear for months because she was a busy pastor at Hillsong and had a ton of fancy businesses to manage. And if that wasn’t enough, he also painted a picture of growing up super rich in an eight-bedroom beach house, complete with nannies and maids catering to his every need.

How old is Clinton Kane?

Celebs have a bit of a habit of lying about their age, so it really doesn’t come off as too much of a surprise that Kane has been playing a little age game with all of us. But remember, when he said he was 24? Well, turns out he’s been stretching the truth by a whole two years. Yup, you heard it right – a couple of years younger than he claimed.

Did Clinton Kane cheat on Brooke Schofield?

Based on her timeline, it appears they dated for around six months, though the exact details aren’t clear. Their relationship ended abruptly when she discovered he was cheating on her. “I’ll spare you the details of how I found out I was getting cheated on, but boy was I,” Schofield said at the conclusion to her story. “But he was in fact cheating on me with so many people.”

Kane tried to play the victim, claiming that the girl he wrote “I’m In Love” about had cheated on him. However, the truth was that he had been cheating on Schofield with 15 different women. And when he tried flying out Schofield for their first dinner together, he was actually dating the “I’m In Love” girl. When she confronted him, it was the final straw. And while Kane decided to break up with her, this break-up gave Schofield the perfect chance to expose all the other lies he had been telling.

As the internet unravels more of Kane’s web of lies, Schofield’s TikTok saga has become truly unforgettable. It’s a wild ride through the peaks and valleys of Cancel Culture, so buckle up with Schofield, because it’s absolutely addictive, delivering the most tantalizing plot twists and TikTok turns you won’t want to miss.

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