Poetry: Thoughts for Days

I’ve been writing ever since I can remember, as a child receiving a cool journal to write in was as exciting as getting a doll. Throughout the years, I’ve come to love expressing myself in poetry, especially free verse poems because I don’t like to write according to any rule nor anyone. The following few poems all revolve around the theme of “thoughts”, my expertise because I only overthink like… all the time. 


A thought.

For those first few seconds

when I wake up,

right before the alarm goes off,

I'm thinking about nothing,


and then the first thought of

the day hits;


how nice would it be

for my mind to be in peace

for a few seconds longer…


Photo Credit: James Hicks


Thoughts, and others.

We sit in a small room filled with

our own thoughts of the world,

all excited about what awaits for us outside the door.


Then, once we step into the unknown,

and we realize it is not

just us and ourselves anymore.


We are surrounded by others,

others with many different destines,

and the world seems too

pretty and scary to be shared.


Fear consumes us,

we almost believe that

we can’t breathe anymore.


But we are alive,

still moving forward and

having a foreign taste of air.


Photo Credit: James Hicks


Thoughts vs. Reality.

At first,

I thought you

were special

because you made

my heart play

beautiful melodies,


it turns out that

my heart is the

special one

because it plays

beautiful melodies.


Photo Credit: James Hicks


Poetic Thoughts.

I always thought

my life would make

a pretty interesting novel,


but when I tried to put

the words together,

poetry came out,


it was just far more

complicated than a novel


as my life is full of

reading in-between the lines,

with the lines not even being parallel.