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As much as people hate on social media algorithms, I’ll admit that my personal style has greatly benefitted from the content I have seen on Instagram. In the past decade or so that I’ve been active on social media, the content I’ve been shown on this app has helped me greatly in tailoring my feed for my fashion, decor and wellness preferences. While social media can be harmful to self-image, I still believe you can trim out content you believe is counterproductive to your goals. 

I thought I’d share 5 of my Instagram profile finds I’ve discovered in the last few years, in hopes they might help you determine what you like the most too.


Meetmyproject lets you live out your dream of a scenic vacation through your phone screen. This page features other Instagramers’ content of beautiful landscapes and architecture from all around the world. You’ll get to see beautiful images of coastal European cities, New York penthouse sunsets and even a few cute animals sprinkled in. This page always makes me take a deep breath in when I come across it on my feed, and I appreciate that the page always credits the photos to their original artists. 


This page is a wonderful place for users who are thinking about transitioning to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Sophia is a former model turned activist and chef, who advocates not only for plant-based living and the equitable treatment of animals, but also for more sustainable life choices when it comes to things like fashion. On her page, you can find information, recipes, opinion pieces and beautiful animal and lifestyle content that will give you insight into what it means to be vegan.

She is also wonderfully weird and incredibly confident in herself and her convictions, so this page is a really refreshing way to learn about sustainable daily habits.


This page is a time capsule dedicated entirely to iconic celebrity and fashion moments of the recent past. If you enjoy delving into looks from previous eras, this page does a great job of supplying. All photos and videos on this page are supplemented with a quick explanation of what or who you’re looking at, who the designer is and what the trends were back then. It reads like a 2000s magazine and pays great tribute to the fashion and culture of younger days.


This page is reminiscent of an aesthetically pleasing 2013 Tumblr feed. I find something so comforting about the nostalgic, moody content of this page. I find myself clicking on their profile a lot and just scrolling through. All this page’s posts have very Tumblr-esque captions as well, sometimes little quotes, or snippets of opinion or thoughts from the admin. All in all, this is a quiet, beautiful page that I often end up bookmarking in my Decor and Travel “saves.” 


Yuyan is one of my favorite Instagram influencers. I quite literally live on her YouTube channel. She has content on several platforms, including Instagram and YouTube, and she shares videos of trendy, casual style for the everyday individual. Lots of the clothing she recommends is budget-friendly, vintage and wearable. Because she lives on the East Coast, many of her fashion ideas are especially appropriate to those of us experiencing significant temperature shifts and heavy winters.

She has a lot of content dedicated to seasons and different occasions, which is perfect if you have no idea what trends are currently popular, or if you need outfit ideas for special events.

Whatever your viewing preferences are, it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, you can control what you view on social media. Everyone has different information, trends, aesthetics and opinions that interest them, and it’s important to be able to find yourself in the social media content you are consuming. One of the best tools I have found to better tailor your social media experience is the “not interested” or “don’t show me this” options.

You’ll see a big turnaround in your feed after using these features. And most importantly, always remember to consume social media responsibly. It is essential to go out and build your own memories, experiences and preferences in real life.

Kaylea (pronounced Kay-lee) Peres is an Honours Environmental Studies major at York University in Toronto. She loves writing, reading, and playing soccer. In her spare time, you can find her laughing with her loved ones, binge-watching true crime series, and watching her plants grow new leaves.
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